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  1. lance70

    Sony A7RIII questions

    Maybe look at the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4, that's a great lens and pic quality is up there...possibly rent one and see what you think.....I used that until I purchased a few primes and it worked great on my A7RIII.
  2. lance70

    Sony A7III - is it Worth switching from Canon 6D DSLR

    I switched from Nikon to Sony but didn't have a ton of Nikon glass...I usually get by with a few lenses for my needs....I can't see going back to a DSLR now after using this mirrorless system....You may want to rent a Sony A7III and see what you think.
  3. lance70

    Family shoot gone wrong!

    Middle finger in the air and walk off :)
  4. lance70

    Is this a good picture or is there something wrong with me

    Looks great to me, B&W is my personal fav but all of this is subjective......crop it however you like...
  5. lance70

    Still getting used to Focus Areas on a7iii

    I use Cont AF for the mode, wide zone and lock-on AF expand flexible spot if someone is moving or an animal etc (put the focus point on your son with those settings and it should stay locked on and track him)...That's by far the most reliable for me when I can't pick up the eye with eye AF.
  6. lance70

    Switching from d800 to a mirrorless.

    I heard the same thing....just depends what system you like and lens lineup that works for you.
  7. lance70

    Focus wildlife

    With a long lens like that you will need to really watch your shutter speed as well and make sure it's fast enough for what you have in mind.
  8. lance70

    Learning is tough

    You can try shooting in aperture priority mode and see how that works for you......with single point focus. Then of course there is a difference in entry level glass and professional glass...
  9. lance70

    Sony a7rii Lens Choice with or without Metabones adapter

    I would stick with FE Sony or Zeiss for best results to get the most out of the eye AF and focus system in general, then Tamron would be up there too.
  10. lance70

    Switching from d800 to a mirrorless.

    I shot with the D800 for 5 years or so and switched to Sony about a year ago. It will be an improvement when shooting wide open if you get nice primes. It really does help in composition to have the continuous eye AF and being able to position the model and take shots you may not take otherwise...
  11. lance70

    macro for A6000

    When I had my A6000 I used the Sony 90mm 2.8 and it worked great..... which I still use that lens, it's amazing for macro work and of the sharpest lenses ever made.
  12. lance70

    For the pro working photographers on here - Optical or EVF?

    Hello, I was curious what the working photographers on here prefer.... do you find the optical viewfinder still works the best for you and your photography or is the EVF your choice? Thanks.
  13. lance70

    Fuji st or Sony

    I agree with this 100%, I shot with Canon, Fuji, Nikon & me it's about the can't go wrong with any of those major companies for a body or glass.....If you shoot in raw you can get that different look you are talking about in lightroom...
  14. lance70

    DSLR vs iPhone camera

    I started with a Nikon D60 years back and a 50mm lens, you can't go wrong with any of the major brands out there whether it's a DSLR or mirrorless system....Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony....not just the body but they all make high quality glass as well. Cell phones came a long way as well and as...
  15. lance70

    Thinking about selling my D7100

    What are you not happy with on the D7100? Switching to a different body like another full frame will obviously give you better high ISO performance but if you mean to say you're not happy with the results from the D7100 when using the 70-300 then switching to a different body will not help if...
  16. lance70

    Best Nikon to get stepping up from a D5500.

    I would look at the D7100 or 7200 but if you don't have prime lenses or a quality zoom yet I would put the money into glass first. The body can come and go but glass will stay with you.
  17. lance70

    Anyone have experience with Godox system for Fujifilm?

    I use the Godox TT685 speedlight with my Fuji X-T2, they seem reliable and built very well. I don't use it on camera though, I always use flash off camera and trigger it with the X1T-F.....Great speedlight if you need HSS and they also have TTL.... I have done about 5 shoots with TT685s and been...
  18. lance70

    Portrait Lighting Set

    I wouldn't recommend that purchase either.....are you set on continuous lighting? Asking because a good deal on a quality light would be a Flashpoint 320M, you can use a cheap umbrella at first and get a softbox or octabox down the line.
  19. lance70

    Does the Camera Model really matter?

    That's a nice camera and will do just fine for landscape shots.....if you want better glass down the line maybe consider a 35 or 50mm lens.
  20. lance70

    Camera for beginners

    Hasselblad H6D-400c MS medium format DSLR should be all you need.