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    Why don’t film makers use polarizers?

    I am a compositing and vfx artist by profession and so one of the things I do a lot of is remove crew and camera reflections from windows. I work on a lot of prime time shows on major networks, some with extremely large budgets, and yet I frequently get shots that anyone could look at and...
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    Home improvement question

    I recently bought my first house and have been busy getting things to our liking. It's a classic, modest home built in 1942 with a lot of midcentury charm we're keeping, so the bead board backsplash in the kitchen is staying, just with a coat of bright red paint and a few coats of gloss poly...
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    Curious noise pattern in video footage

    This isn’t really a question with much consequence, but more a curiosity. I was compositing a shot at work and one thing I have to do is isolate just the noise and clone over my work area so that the comp doesn’t show up in the noise. I noticed that when gained up the noise alternated from...
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    Merry Trollmas!

    Just passing through.
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    Minolta 100-300 APO vs 1988 version

    Doing some research on a couple lenses I just purchased I've found that the 100-300 4.5-5.6 came in two varieties, the later APO version and the older "non-APO" version. The earlier lens is extremely inexpensive, while the APO is moderately more costly. I'm getting the non-APO version. The...
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    North Hills at Sunset

    definitely a bit rusty, so nothing too daring .... first exposure in like five years! _DSC2218 by Shawn Kearney, on Flickr
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    Dusted off the camera

    I've dusted off the camera, polished up the glass, ordered a replacement charger and … son of a … WHERE ARE ALL MY ADAPTORS?! I'm back … or, I will be, anyway. Get ready for more photos of empty walls.
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    I stopped taking photos

    So I guess I will just hang out here for now on.
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    AI Colorizes your Photos

    Not sure if this has been discussed yet, since I don't come around here too often, but I heard about this deep learning technique that colorizes b/w photos. While it's not 100% accurate (of course) it does do a pretty remarkable job of making believable color images from a b/w source, and...
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    What do you get from a $100K lens?

    Fujinon Premier Zoom Lens What on earth do you get from a $100,000 Fujinon that you don't from an everyday peasant's lens like, say, Zeiss CZ? Can it possibly be really that good?? It doesn't even cover 70mm!
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    Should I move in with Derrel?

    So I might be getting a job in the Portland, OR area, and I'm wondering if I should move in with @Derrel Pros: He's in Portland Cons: I don't intend to ask him, and that might be problematic.
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    Corel Aftershot?

    HHaving switched to Linux I don't have a lot of good options, especially not for x-trans. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about Aftershot? Bibble has always appealed to me, so I am wondering if anyone has any experience? -sk-
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    Aging technology

    Working on a project, my son asks "what are you making? a stove?"
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    Finally divorced from Adobe

    I had to pay a bit of alimony, but I think it was worth it in the long run. It's been a very one-sided relationship. Now that I'm free from that ball and chain, I can experiment with Linux more. I guess I've always been a bit of a masochist.
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    New fangled technology ruins everything!

    Ok. Not really. I'll never go back to the darkroom. Like ever. But I am talking with a third year cinematography student pal of mine, and he doesn't seem to understand a grey card is used for exposure, and not just white balance. Has automation, such as AE and AF disrupted how we learn about...
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    Pixar Renderman 21

    The latest version of Renderman has been released, Version 21, which includes a number of optimizations to render out physically accurate lighting: While probably not really useful for estimating real-world lens...
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    what ever happened to for NSFW proposal

    What ever happened to the proposal to open up the nudes forum to non-subscribers? I was really looking forward to looking at soft porn ... I mean "art nudes" on this site.
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    Crop factor and Short Focal Lengths

    Just for funzies, I took a look at the FOV formula and noticed something odd, that it's non-linear. This contrasts with the user-friendly notion of "crop factor" that we're all familiar with. So, I plugged in the formula using APS-C and 35mm and compared it against the standard crop factor of...
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    Lytro finally did something interesting

    Lytro has taken their light field technology and finally applied it to something useful - a professional cinema camera that is post-production oriented. If they actually pull this off, it will change *everything*. Lytro Cinema
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    UPDATE: I found my charger!

    I know that many of you have been on the edge of your seats for an update regarding my camera charger being lost. I'm happy to announce that while organizing the kid's bookshelf, I found it! I'd blame the kids, but tehy never put anything ONTO the bookshelf. They only take stuff off. So I have...