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  1. Kulanu

    Late Summer in Paris

    Here is a shot down the CE looking toward the Arc d' Triomphe. Let me know what you think.
  2. Kulanu

    Cloud Over Crystal Lake, Eastern Sierra Nevada

    It the last moments of daytime, the setting sun illuminates a solo cloud as it approaches a high Sierra lake. Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Kulanu

    First Days Of Spring - Central Park, NYC - For CC

    I had an hour between meetings and did a session in Central Park. Please feel free to comment and critique. Many thanks, K
  4. Kulanu

    This Machine Built Continents

    The first technology that redrew the map of the world by magnifying human strength was the Catapult. Then came the Steam Engine. Next the Microchip! Evolution is interesting. Cheers
  5. Kulanu

    Text Me...

    Took a walk. Found the ancestor to the modern day text message. Old things rule!
  6. Kulanu

    There Is A Jumbo Jet In My House!

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Air Force One Pavilion, Simi Valley, California.
  7. Kulanu

    Stare Case Study - Getty Center, Los Angeles

    Here is another for your consideration. Best, Kulanu
  8. Kulanu


    Greetings: I posted this about a month ago. The horizon was tilted and that bugged me. I straightened it and now I think it takes on a different character. What do you think? All the best for a great weekend K
  9. Kulanu

    Street Market -Jerusalem II

    One more for your consideration.
  10. Kulanu

    Street Market -Jerusalem I

    For your consideration.
  11. Kulanu

    London Street II

    Here are a few more for your consideration. Thank you
  12. Kulanu

    London Street Shots

  13. Kulanu

    Lines, Light & Stone

    Greetings: I have been away from photography as a hobby for a long time. The itch came back and I bought a new camera kit. This is my first post. This is an image from my first real session with the new camera. Anyway, I am not about the equipment. I am more interested in your thoughts...