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  1. yioties

    Should i get the Nikon 18-70 or the Nikon 18-55vr2

    I need a cheap lens for every day use since my wife destroyed my 18-105. I have a gift card for a local camera shop here in toronto and it covers either lens and with money left over.
  2. yioties

    Nikon 18-70

    So my wife kinda destroyed my 18-105. She broke the plastic mount and I replaced it but the lens won't TTL with my flash and sometimes it gives me an error saying that it's not connected. I found a nikon 18-70 for $100 and am wondering if it's a good replacement for the 18-105.
  3. yioties

    This guy dropped by for some sushi!

    So I have been taking care of my father inlaws house and koi pond for 6 weeks now (he is in greece) and when I went by there to feed the fish on Saturday I found this guy in the pond! Animal services would have taken forever, So I dealt with the situation my own way with a good friend! By the...
  4. yioties

    Mounting plate replacement for my Nikon 18-105vr

    My first mistake was to let my wife use my D5100 to take pics of our kids at the Science Center here in Toronto. I have a small Nikon bag just big enough to hold my camera with the 18-105. So while she was taking the camera out of the bag (which is snug) she broke one of the tabs and the lens...
  5. yioties

    New flash

    I just bought a Yongnuo 568ex off Kijjiji here in Toronto for $80. The only issue was that the battery cover was busted. So I ordered a new cover off ebay for $5 and it will be here in 2 weeks. For now a trusty rubber band is holding the battery cover shut. I have been playing around with it and...
  6. yioties

    Looking for a flash for Nikon D5100

    So father's day is coming up and wife wants to get me a flash for my Nikon. $200 is what she wants to spend. I need the flash to be TTL and need some guidance here because i have never owned a flash
  7. yioties

    Got lucky yesterday! Get your minds out of the gutter!

    So, I got off work early yesterday and as I was going to my in-laws I heard 2 crows and turned my head and saw this guy chilling! Then while walking with my daughter I saw this guy too!
  8. yioties

    Sony Alpha NEX-3N with 16-50mm

    This is my first post in this section of the forum. My second child is being baptized on Sunday and I decided to get this Camera as a gift for the godparents. I already spoke to the god parents and they love the idea of a small mirrorless camera. My budget is around the $400 range and this...
  9. yioties

    First shots with my nikon 70-300 vr

    cc welcome!
  10. yioties

    Lens Dilemma!

    So I got a gift of a $300 Henry's Camera Store Gift Card as a thank you for baptizing my friends little girl and now I'm having a slight problem choosing what to buy. I usually take pics of my pics and some miscellaneous images here and there. I'm content with my 50mm 1.8g and my kit lens has...
  11. yioties

    Camera Purchase

    We are baptizing our son the end of March and want to get the couple that is baptizing our son a camera as a gift. Preferably a compact system camera. Our budget is around $400. I would have posted this in the mirorless section of the forum but I'm always in the Nikon section of the forum and...
  12. yioties

    Has anyone ever seen this camera bag?

    I know i should have posted this in the General Camera Accessories section but I usually just read the Nikon forum so i posted it in here. I obtained a brand new ROWI DSLR Cargo Bag, brand new, for free last night. A nice man gave it away for free and I went and picked it up. This thing is...
  13. yioties


    I bought a nikon 70-300 but the focal length wasn't wide enough. I went to Henry's here in Toronto and tested the sigma 18-200 on my D5100 and I was impressed. I can get the 18-200 here for around 300 used but i was wondering if the 18-250 would be a better choice since it gives me a macro...
  14. yioties

    I'm looking for a budget wide angle zoom lens for my D5100!

    I have the 18-55 kit lens and the 50mm 1.8 G for my Nikon and need a lens that will give me a longer zoom. I'm not familiar with aftermarket lenses for nikon. I know thew 18-200 Nikon is a great lens but it's not in my budget. I'm actually looking around the $400-$500 range and the lens to have...