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  1. karrief35

    Canon t5i or 60D

    Hi. I lm fairly new to photography and would like your opinion on which camera to get. Rebel t5i, which is newer or the 60D.?? Also, I'm buying from someone and they also have a 24-105 lens for the 60D for 700.00. (Body and lens). I'm stuck between newer camera with upgraded features or that...
  2. karrief35

    First few shots with my canon.

    I'm new and have been self teaching on how to use my dslr. Only had it a month or so and took a few pics of my son. Wondering what your thoughts are on these. To me, they look but I'm sure you see things that I don't. Keep in mind. Unedited photos.
  3. karrief35

    Need help on what camera to purchase

    Hi. I'm new to dslr world and really can't decide now on which camera to buy. I was headed towards Sony a65, after talking to a best buy rep., he was talking so highly of this camera for being a first time user, shutter speed, etc. My intentions were to get the canon t41 going in there, and he...
  4. karrief35

    Sony a57 or a65

    Hi. I'm new to all this and have a few questions. I'm purchasing my first dslr and not sure what to go with. I was advised from best buy associate to go with Sony vs canon, being that Sony is easier to use for first time users, faster shutter speed when having small children, etc. Canon rebel...