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    Hats for Haiti

    hats for haiti is an organization created on flickr. the man who created it donated a euro for every picture uploaded. here's mine! =)
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    The Eye of the Tiger

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    The Juice of the Apple

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    Cold Shoulder

    this really isn't a professional photo, and does not need c&c, because i know it's not that great haha but i though it did have some pretty cool elements... guess what it is =)
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    Dear Dead Daisy

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    New Lens

    just some test photos from my new Sigma 105mm macro lens
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    Very Interesting

    okay, hear me out. i know a lot of you don't like to hear about flickr or facebook or any of those other things... but i thought it would be cool to just put up the pictures that other people think are most interesting, that you all may find interesting as well... all of my explored shots! there...
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    Six Geese a Laying ; Limited Space

    Six Geese a Laying Limited Space
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    Grampa Goose

    so is it just me, or is this a perfect family portrait? a grampa goose and grandson goose chillin in the almost freezing water. :lmao:
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    Freezing Our Beaks Off.

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    sky ______ trees ______ ice ______ snow
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    A Bit From New York City

    1. St. Patrick's 2. Silhouetted Stars and Stripes 3. Hit Your Target 4. St. Patrick's Cathedral 5. Walter Chrysler 6. On the Inside 7. The Colors of the Terminal
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    Microscopic Vision

    with a standard lens! :D
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    Don't Go Chasin Waterfalls

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    The remains of a mill from the 1860s to the 1920s in Eastampton, New Jersey.
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    check ittt =) add me, talk to me! see you there <3