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    D750 warranty: Just wanted to double check?

    I haven't sent my D750 in for warranty repairs yet (the second shutter recall problem involving "Err" messages). I am wondering if anyone knows for certain: Did Nikon say they will repair that problem even if warranty has expired? As in, 1 year after expiry, 5 years, etc? I just don't want to...
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    Corporate portraits, need help with lighting

    I just recently redesigned my dad's website for his law firm. He now needs corporate portraits done. I don't do photography professionally. I need to do a few different shots for the site: a) 4 individual portraits of the lawyers in the firm. About middle of torso and up in frame. Blown-out...
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    Best raw camera apps for iphone 7 plus?

    I downloaded ProCam and Camera+. I couldn't find comprehensive reviews comparing the two, so I spent $6 on one and $4 on the other. They're ok, but clunky.
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    No craigslist biters, wait patiently?

    I have been enjoying my Nikon D750, Tamron 15-30, Sigma 150-600, and other stuff lots. I really enjoy doing landscape photography, and the occasional family candid portraits and whatnot are fun. Nature photos are awesome when eagles are out. But... I'm looking to downsize. My reasoning is the...
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    How do I set up 500px? I am confused

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    First try at long exposure

    I took my new ND filter on a camping trip and got it wet (and a little scratched). This was on Vancouver Island, near Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. I didn't realize how much trouble it is getting the camera in the water and stabilized just right with waves splashing around. I took a good 25 or...
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    I just learned my lesson with square filters

    I didn't break anything luckily, but I scuffed up the foam light sealing sticker (light sealing gasket). This doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a $200 filter and a $150 filter holder... The Haida filter holder comes with a sealing material built onto it. The Lee filters also come with a...
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    Couple of Sparrow Shots

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    "Err" message on D750

    I have done some Googling, but I can't really find good info on the matter. In the past two months, my D750 has produced an "Err" (error) message quite a few times. This tends to happen after turning it on for the first time in the day. The message appears when I take a photograph. I hear the...
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    Implications with shooting in JPEG + RAW?

    I haven't shot in Jpeg for over 2 years. It fills up the memory card pretty fast shooting in both, and the buffer gets filled. What I'm wondering is if shooting in Jpeg + RAW affects the way Lightroom or other programs read the RAW file. I remember reading someone telling me that if you set...
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    List of filter questions

    I have a list of questions. (TL;DR = in bold). I have my Lee 10-stop ND filter, and my Haida 150-series filter holder is arriving next week (can't wait to use it). All of my questions pertain to 150x150 filters on ultrawide. 1. Graduated neutral density filters help you get the right exposure...
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    Happy with the Tamron 15-30

    I haven't gotten a chance to really go out and shoot with the lens yet! I received it an hour before sunset, and I managed to get to the beach in time to snap a couple of shots. I consider these just test shots (not what I would normally post up or show off, editing is a little playful as well)...
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    Good 10-stop ND filters?

    I've got a cheap Amazon kit full of weird filters, but it cost me $30. I want to pick up a single ND filter that would fit on a Tamron 15-30. I'm thinking a 10 stop would be quite versatile. I probably want to steer clear of stacking ND filters. Any suggestions? I am hoping there's something...
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    Tamron 24-70, or Tamron 15-30?

    These are two very different lenses, with very different purposes. I want an UWA zoom, and I want a normal zoom. I have a 50mm 1.8, and I have an 85mm 1.8. Here's my actual question though: I can't actually try the lenses out in person, and I know the Tamron 24-70 comes with a lot of copy...
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    Tokina 24-70 f2.8

    I didn't realize that Tokina released a 24-70 f2.8 lens. I have read some positive reviews, and the image quality seems good according to the-digital-picture and some sample images. Does anyone have any opinions? Has anyone tried one out, or have any insight about the lens?
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    Why did this price hike just happen in Canada?

    The dollar is kind of crap, but it's still 0.73 CDN to 1.00 USD. Bestbuy and a couple other stores just upped the price of the Tamron 15-30 to $1600, up from $1350. And some other Tamron stuff, and other lenses just went up in price. Some other camera stores haven't hiked the price up yet. But...
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    Considering getting the Tamron 15-30 next

    Originally I was thinking about the Tamron 24-70 VC. I do want an f2.8 do-it-all walk-around lens. I haven't seen many people use the Tamron 15-30 f2.8 at 30mm and f2.8. It's big, it's heavy, but I love ultrawide for walk-arounds. The performance at 30mm and f2.8 still seems very good. I am...
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    50mm 1.8G autofocus starting to squeek

    It's starting to get a little noisier, and the lens is squeaking while focusing. The autofocus is still accurate and seems to be just as fast. Has anyone experienced this with a modern G lens, and does this get worse?
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    Could the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 drop in price any further?

    Currently it is $1700 Canadian brand new. That is about $500 out of my already unreasonable price-range. It is a lens I am looking at getting within the next 12 months. I like to pretend as though I like primes, but I find prime lenses tend to be tremendously inconvenient. I have no plans to...
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    One expensive lens, 2 cheaper primes?

    I've been eyeing up the Tamron 15-30 f2.8 lens for a while now. I'm not in a position to buy at the moment, but I've still been interested in it. However, a 24mm 1.8g and 35mm 1.8g FX would cost the same amount almost exactly. In a perfect world I'd have the cash to buy the primes and the...