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    Equatorial mount recommendation?

    Looking for a decent equatorial mount for astrophotography. Ideally i can bring it with me backpacking, so small is a must. Doesnt need to track at 200mm, just good enough for some wide angle starscapes or to bring out some more detail in the milkyway. Thanks for the time and help.
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    Polarizer for eye detail?

    I'd like to take some close up portraits and get some extra detail in the eye for a bit more intimacy.... has anyone used a polarizer for this?
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    Picture of my dog

    I love this picture as it shows the joy he gets every time he sees me walk towards the door. I really love the image as is but feel that it may benefit from some cropping. I'd love some input from other fellow photo editing, and taking, enthusiasts. Feel free to provide C&C as well. Thanks...
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    LCD screen protection for 5D mk II

    Is there consensus on what the best screen protection product/brand is? I have noticed a few small scratches on the screen and want to make sure I stop it from getting worse. I try to be careful but when backpacking and taking 1000's of shots it just happens. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    too dark too bright?

    I have an IPS monitor that is too bright, even at 0 brightness (ASUS sucks) and i try and use my other monitors to balance brightness and darkenss in images but it makes it a pain to get right. Just looking for some feedback on these. They are of my son and wife... also wishing i could lose...
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    Anyone have experience with the EF 28-70 f2.8?

    Wondering if anyone owns this lens or has in the past. Looking to get opinions on it. Reviews seem very positive.
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    Sigma 50mm 1.4 - Stay away

    Took a chance on the lens after reading many many reviews on it. Some doting over it, but many that talked about focusing problems. Well, guess what.... same with the copy I bought. Front focuses, then back focuses.... no adjusting will solve it. Takes beautiful pictures when it hits but way...
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    24-70 and 70-200

    What do you shoot primarily... ex landscape, portraits, etc. and which lens do you use the most?
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    This or that

    Should I get this "Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS mark I" or that "Canon 70-200mm 2.8 and Canon 50mm 1.4"? The only other lens I have is a Tokina 16-28 2.8.
  10. E Whats up with this place, seems super sketchy a canon 70-200mm IS II for $1199.00....hmmm. If anyone has bought anything from here before let me know.
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    2.8 or 4 on the 70-200 L

    I am looking to get a lens to cover this focal length. I anticipate I will ultimately end up with a Tokina 16-28 2.8 (already own) 50 1.4, and one of these two canon lenses. However the price of the 2.8 even without IS is twice the f4 IS version. My question is not which is better as they are...
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    Mesa Arch - C&C

    Let me know what you think, which do you like, if you dont like either why. I took some artistic freedom with the color, kinda sepia now... hopefully they arent crap. Interested to see others impressions.... so fire away and thanks for looking.
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    IPS monitor not rendering colors properly

    I have been struggling with an ASUS PA246Q monitor for the past few months. I thought that getting this level of monitor and a spyder 4 pro calibration tool would give me the ability to edit my pictures in photoshop and have the printed results mirror what i am seeing on the screen. I have...
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    Combating high ISO dullness

    I just got back from a trip out to Moab Utah where I spent a few evenings taking pictures of the milky way as a backdrop to the amazing rock formations. When I got back home I was shocked at how dull all of the pictures look because of the high iso... 2000. The milky way looks great but the...
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    Great sand dunes national park

    Below are some images from a recent trip out to GSDNP. Had the entire park to myself and after the sun went down and the best of the light was gone i was able to lay on my back in the sand and enjoy the stars.... excellent trip. One I probably wouldn't have chosen to enjoy if not for...
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    Stacking photos for star trails - light foreground?

    I am headed out to great dunes national park/preserve next week with the plan to do some astrophotography. I'd like to try out some image stacking as well. When stacking images is it necessary to paint the foreground? Seems like some of the examples and demos I have seen the foreground...
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    Looking for opinions on a set of lenses for a landscape photographer

    Hey everyone. I am relatively new to photography, always loved taking pictures, just never had the money to spend to do it right. Getting there I think. Just bought a Canon 5D Mark II with the kit 24-105L F4 lens. Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod, vanguard ball head, IPS monitor for editing...
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    Canon 24 - 105 mm L IS USM

    Brand New Canon 24-105L IS USM lens. Purchased a 5d Mark II kit a few months ago, US warrantied and dont need the lens with the lenses I already have. Has taken less than 100 pictures and is litterally new condition. Lens Hood, bag, front and back cap all spotless. Glass and body of the lens...
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    HDR in paint shop pro

    The results the software throws out are always garbage. I go in and manually brush areas but dont see anything like I see on others' photos. To get it right I would have to spend at least an hour with a small brush size selecting each and every piece of what I want from each image. Is that...