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  1. Dave Maciak

    His opinion

    In a post here on this site was a very good interview with David Chan of the Chan Company, Hong Kong. His quote "Digital is the McDonalds of photography!" Look him up on YouTube, a wealth of knowledge from years of invovment.
  2. Dave Maciak

    Photo Bombed

    I recently posted a photo of the Freedom Trail in Boston with a guide. I had to severely crop out some little kids waving flags and enjoying the day. When I looked at the image at home it was plain to see I had 2 nitwits with middle fingers raised on the left side. What's wrong with people...
  3. Dave Maciak

    Typical Boston

    The Freedom Trail and a public library (used to be a parking lot) on West st.
  4. Dave Maciak

    On a trip to Boston

    I remember growing up in New England, still miss it but on a recent visit to siblings I photographed some of the reasons I still love Boston. Ektachrome, Nikon F3 hp,
  5. Dave Maciak

    photo stick omni

    Every day I get advertising for this PhotoStick Omni. Anybody have any experience? Pro's and con's?
  6. Dave Maciak

    Do you really need all this?

    Back in prehistoric times I moved up from an F to an FTN, Wow! A camera with an onboard light meter! What next? This afternoon I read the Nikon ad and tech specs for the Z9. Unless you're a pro, do you really need all of that or do you just like to have all those features--and never use most...
  7. Dave Maciak

    Almost forgot the simple pleasure of----

    Don't know why but a a few weeks ago I took my trusty Nikon FM off the shelf. Batteries dead as disco so I purchased two 1.5 "button types" and mounted an AI-S 35mm f2.8 lens. Even checked meter against a hand held meter---all just right. Loaded up a 36 exposure roll of film and that was...
  8. Dave Maciak

    Used Nikons other brands and glass

    Found a web site "MPB" that sells used equipment. They even give shutter counts. Anybody have anything to say about this outfit?
  9. Dave Maciak

    Buffering light X Pro3

    My X Pro 3 light that indicates buffering (lower right on body) stays on for several seconds before the camera let's me make another exposure. My XT-2 and X100T do not have this problem. I swapped cards from both other cameras just to check--made sure battery was fully charged as well. No...
  10. Dave Maciak

    Another thumbs up for Fuji

    Living on a golf course I often in the early morning go for a sunrise and mountain shot. A few weeks ago I had an exciting experience on the course. Generally I stay on the cart paths but that day moved out a bit onto a fairway. Just getting set up and the sprinklers came on! Soaked! My XT 2...
  11. Dave Maciak

    Not all Mustangs are made in Detroit

    In rural Nevada, wild Mustangs run free--and they should. These images made at the base of the Spring Mountain range. Don't get too close for several reasons; one kick can send your vehicle to the body shop with considerable damage. Don't approach or try to feed them or you may get kicked...
  12. Dave Maciak

    Mother and child, tender moment

    I tried to keep the mood the way my naked eye saw it. Did not want to make the darkened room any lighter lest it destroyed the quiet bind of mother and child. Consequently I left the room the way it was, dark, and shaded. Several changes to exposure compensation to keep it true.
  13. Dave Maciak

    End of the line

  14. Dave Maciak

    DP 2 finder

    Would like to find/buy a DP 2 finder with working LED's Good condition please. Thanks
  15. Dave Maciak

    Mirrorless, I've changed my opinion

    A while ago I posted my aversion to mirrorless cameras, sticking firmly to the DSLR. Well, after hearing (and seeing) so much about mirrorless, I decided to check out what all the talk was about. Been a Nikon guy for 50 plus years, film and digital. At my local shop, during an event that had...
  16. Dave Maciak

    Fuji Batteries, Watson batteries, Watson duo chargers

    Got my grip for my Fuji XT-2 Purchased used Adorama. Also from B&H 3 Watson batteries for XT-2. Placed the Watson batteries in the Watson charger plates on the Duo. Nope, the Watson batteries refuse to go all the way in. On battery case says "replacement for Fuji NP-W126. Watson batterie...
  17. Dave Maciak

    Sorry, made 3 copies same image

    I made 2 extra copies of the Rhyolite set--sorry
  18. Dave Maciak

    Rhyolite, 8 miles from Death Valley: Gold mining ghost town

    At one time this place was booming, bank, dance hall, jail, train station, mercantile, etc. In recent years vandals have defaced or destroyed it. The "art work" I am told by locals in Beatty, NV is from 2 gents from somewhere in eastern Europe, not sure where. They ran around the 120 degree...
  19. Dave Maciak

    Spring training, Arizona

    He did his job--took away the double play!
  20. Dave Maciak


    Are Bellingham bags worth the extra cash? I need another 1 camera 2 lens bag--I keep telling myself I do. Otherwise have been a loyal Think Tank customer. Thanks in advance for input.