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    Photos from a swim meet

    So these photos are my 4 year old swimming in her first divisional swim meet at Ga Tech. The light was horrible as it was an indoor pool. There were windows across the pool from the stands, so the swimmers are being lit from behind. I was shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II, 100-400 mm lens...
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    What to take to Disney World

    We're heading to Disney World in 9 days. I am having the hardest time deciding what to take with me. I have 2 camera bases to choose from. A Canon Rebel T4i and a Canon 5D (the classic). I have a few lenses I can choose from or I still have time to rent a lens. I have these lenses...
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    Tips for taking a group photo

    So, we're having a family reunion in a couple of weeks. It's mainly getting everyone possible together for my grandparents who are in bad health. No clue if we'll get to do this again. We're going to take a family pic with everyone there. My current estimate is there will be 30 people...
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    5D shutter is really slow

    So, I typically shoot with a Rebel t4i. My MIL(awesome woman that she is) gave me one of her old EOS 5Ds. It seemed to be fine at first. But now, it's like there's one shutter speed. No matter what you set it at (I got out the manual to make sure I was actually setting it right), the...
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    Thoughts on the lighting

    So, first of all, I'm just right now incredibly thankful to have gotten to take these pictures. My graitndfather fell again last night and we couldn't get him out of the house today. We actually took these while he's in pain and right before we loaded him up to take him to the ER. Both...
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    Question about Golden hour and planning a photo session

    I'm going to be taking some shots of my family this weekend. I've checked and sunset is 5:38. So question 1 is in November, how close to 5:30 will I most likely to be able to shoot? I'm thinking I should start at 3:30 to be sure that the photos in the covered bridge have enough light...
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    Canon EOS 5D

    So my mil recently gave me some equipment. One of the things was a Canon EOS 5D. I'm currently shooting on a rebel t4i. So where do I start learning about full frame? what should I watch for as I play? I'm not even sure what to ask as I know nothing about it but I definitely want to...
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    Experimenting with flowers

    Playing with my new lens this afternoon. Liked how this one turned out.
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    Unintended photo

    I was getting my daughter ready and wasn't intending to take pictures but she looked so pretty picking out accessories that I grabbed my camera really quick. That means this is just snapshot quality. I had to fix it as much as possible in lightroom as I had my settings wrong and there's...
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    Tips for the Beach?

    Any tips for protecting equipment at the beach? Mainly from blowing sand or kids throwing sand? Does it make sense to use a cheap UV filter in this case?
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    Picking a telephoto lens

    I've got a Canon EOS T4i camera. I'm in the market for a telephoto lens but they are so incredibly expensive. My main subjects are my kids. My daughter will be starting gymnastics in the fall and soccer in the spring. I want to be able to take nice pictures of those events. I looked at a...
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    Trying to pick a second lens - 50mm?

    I've got a Canon Rebel T4i with an 18-135 mm IS STM lens. I've also got the Canon Speedlite 430EXII flash. I've spent the last year getting to know my camera, how to better use the settings and just getting used to this lens. I've got a good idea of what I can do with this lens. I think...
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    newborn shots - 1st attempt

    We recently traveled out of state to adopt our son. We were stuck out of town in a vacation condo for 2 weeks waiting to come home when I realized any chance for newborn shots lay with me. I just had my camera and flash to work with. And he was getting too old for the traditional naked...
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    Memory of childhood

    I haven't been able to invest in a better lens yet, so I'm making do with what I have and obviously living with the shortcomings. But I saw this and it just reminded me of being 7 and looking for Cicada shells. It really should be vertical as the tree is standing, but for some reason I like...
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    trying to catch a walking toddler

    So my challenge is trying to get good shots with a newly walking toddler. Everytime I had the background right, she moved. I found that I was having a hard time moving fast enough to even get good snapshots much less adjust for composition. I started out down on her level, but she was...
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    Aquarium shot gone awry

    I don't understand what happened on this shot. I could see at the time that this was happening but I didn't know how to fix it. I didn't have this issue the last time we were there and I was using a simple point and shoot. Part of it is the thickness of the glass. What do I adjust when...
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    baby shots C & C please

    I've been trying to get some shots of the baby but it's really hard when she's crawling and you're chasing her. I think these 2 came out the best. I'm getting better at getting her without the toy explosion in the frame, and the lighting is better on these than before. What other suggestions...
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    Need some advice here please.

    I'm using a Canon t4i with a 18mm-135mm lens right now. It's been a great walkabout town kind of lens but I think it's time for me to expand to something else. I'm often walking on a raised boardwalk which impacts my ability to get close to the things I'm shooting. I think one of my issues...
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    walking leaf. . . .c & c please

    I saw this leaf just sitting perfectly still in the path during this morning's walk and it captured my imagination. What do you think?
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    A couple from today's walk C & C please

    I was inspired by Sashbar and decided to try something similar. While on a stroller walk with babo today, I decided to take some pictures with the intent of sharing. I tried to take pictures of things that caught my eye to see if I could recreate what I was seeing. Since it was incredibly...