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    Aspiring photographers

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    Close call...

    I wish my Photoshop game was better... Behind the scenes
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    I'm flying

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    Looking for a small flash with HSS and TTL

    I'm looking for a small, inexpensive flash with HSS and TTL for either Nikon or Panasonic. Size and HSS are the most important. I don't need any other fancy functions, and I intend to use the flash on camera, on its own. Any recommendations?
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    Empty washing machine

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    New toy

    I just got this new toy! 4mm circular fisheye for m43. My first photo with this weird lens:
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    My 8 year old's second photo hike

    So we went for a second photo walk. This time she shot only 1/3 as many photos as last time, but the over all quality was much higher. Except for every picture taken after lunch break; the front element was covered in butter. Her framing the shot ...and the photos she took:
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    My 8 years old's first photographs

    We went for a hike, and she got to carry and use my secondary camera as she wanted. Getting familiar with the camera Posing with the camera And the pictures she took:
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    Infinity swing

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    Grumpy model

    I'm covering all her expenses until she's 18, but still she wanted money to give me a happy pose!
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    Weather - 29.03 vs 30.03

    24 (or at least close to) hours apart. 24 (or more like 100) meters apart.
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    M.O Bjørge

    Built in 1750. Exterior renewed in 1930. Shot with Nikon Z6 and Mamiya-Sekor C 45mm f/2.8 N with TLT rokr tilt/shift adapter.
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    My daughter hates being photographed, so as a bribe I had to accommodate to her wishes. Photoshop is not my strength, but as for now she's my biggest fan!
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    New toy

    Nikon Z6 with Fotodiox Pro TLT Rokr and Mamiya-Sekor C 45mm f/2.8 N
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    My daughters

    My oldest, photo taken 21.12.2017 My youngest, photo taken 21.12.2019
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    Tried the new Luminar 4...

    So I bought Luminar 4, as I don't want to give Adobe any more money. Unfortunately, it's still not a Lightroom replacement for my taste, but it's still fun to play with. This is my first image edited with Luminar 4. It's way over the top for my taste, but at least I got to try some of the new...
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    What really matters...

    I don't know if this is something popular in other countries, but where I'm from we have "Christmas calenders" were we count down from 1. to 24. of Desember, the day we celebrate Christmas. Every day in this calendar children (or childish adults) will get some kind of surprise, usually som kind...
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    Selfie in an old cabin window

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    Another pier v2.0

    So I went back to the pier, this time at sunset. My biggest mistake was to bring my family, and not dress them properly. So with two freezing kids and one angry girlfriend, I only got this one shot. The sunset went from decent to amazing in the next 20 minutes, but by then we were...well 20...
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    AF-S NIKKOR 20mm 1:1.8G ED - white balance problems?

    As I was waiting for the new Z-mount 20mm, I came over a really good price on the AF-S version...and bought it. It's used, but I can't see any sign of wear so I assume there's nothing wrong with the lens. But I do experience some white balance problems. I usually shoot everything in raw with...