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  1. webestang64

    Disc, 16mm, 126, VHS, Meters, ETC.....

    More free stuff from work. I was very happy to get a green Hawkeye as it is one of my Holy Grails I can write off the list. The Kalimar is NOS and love collecting VHS. Enjoy................
  2. webestang64

    I think I'll Fit.....?

    Posted this elsewhere thought I would make a separate post. Good old goofy Shelby trying to get into a box.
  3. webestang64

    Happy B-Day Shelby the Cat!

    Happy B-Day Shelby!!! :trink39: 11 years old today (60 in human years).
  4. webestang64

    Scotty's Cars Pics

  5. webestang64

    Gifted Graflex

    Finally own one of these guys, used one at a studio job back in the late 80's. Amazing what people just give away. Came with 3 more lenses- (Graphex 135mm on camera)- Graphex 25 CM- Schneider 65mm- Goerz Rapax 3 5/8, backs etc.
  6. webestang64

    RIP Sidney Poitier Love him, great actor, one of a kind. RIP Fav flicks of his I can watch over and over..... In the Heat of the Night To Sir with Love Guess Who's Coming to Dinner The Defiant Ones The Slender Thread Shoot to...
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    Merry Christmas My Fellow Photogs......!!!!!!

    Hope everybody has a joyous and Merry Christmas.....!!!!! 🎅🎄 Take care and God Bless.........!!!!!!
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    More Pentax SLR 110 Stuff

    The used camera guy at work handed me a stunningly nice leather Samsonite brief case (that weirdly has my Mom's maiden name initials on it...BC). Inside are the items of a Pentax 110 SLR kit that he could not sell, he could only sell the camera with 18mm lens.....did not ask why. So I have an...
  9. webestang64

    Just Because I Didn't Have One

    Sitting on a shelf for $1.99 at my local thrift store, I figure since I do not have one of these in my camera collection I'll buy it. Came with 2 disk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and animals and their babies. (3rd disk is Nursery Rhymes). Works perfect. BTW.....Amazon has these new for...
  10. webestang64

    WARNING BAD FIXER......!!!!!

    Our shipment of Kodak Rapid fixer 1 gal mix is BAD!!!!!!! After mixing it looks like milk and after only 20 rolls it turned dark gray. This is the date and batch number...... 2020/02/20/10923 Contacted Kodak numerous times and have no response.
  11. webestang64

    FujiFilm Closing Plants in South Carolina
  12. webestang64


    Another freebie from work. Kind of K1000-ish. This thing is SUPER clean, works (meter not tested) and light seals look/feel new. Interesting brand, my first Kowa in the collection. Company..... Kowa - - The free camera encyclopedia Camera.....Kowa SET - - The...
  13. webestang64

    Vintage Lens Tissue

    Along with manuals and paper ads of photography and photo finishing, remember when you could get JUMBO prints or 4x6's.....oh so much bigger. Anyway, I have a small collection of vintage lens tissues. Here are my two favorites.
  14. webestang64

    2 Kodak's, A Zeiss, an EOS and Bell & Howell

    Welcome to the heaven known as my collection fellas. I'll never throw you in the trash. Everything but for the EOS were freebies from customers at work. Kodak Duex and a Kodak flash- but the Duex has no flash port..... Info..... Kodak Duex Like the screw focus..... Another Kodak...
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    A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other remains while recovering his body - CNN
  16. webestang64

    99 Cent Film

    Thrift store find, 99 cents. Expire date 10/2013.
  17. webestang64

    Airequipt 400 Slide Viewer

    Another freebie from a customer at work. From my paper stash.
  18. webestang64

    $1.99 Thrift Store Find

    Bought two, one to keep in the collection sealed and one to open and give it a go.
  19. webestang64

    Couple of Before/Afters.....

    Couple of Photoshop fixes.
  20. webestang64

    Free Stuff.....Nimslo, 110, Album, Portrait, Slide Viewer.

    Got all this stuff from customers at work. I love my job. Nimslo 3D. Seems to work OK. Yashica 110. Argus slide viewer. Works great. Vintage photo album. No latch but still is cool, I love the fabric back and spine. 13 1/2 by 19 1/2 portrait. Customer bought this for the oval...