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  1. Kulanu

    Late Summer in Paris

    No need to be softer. I appreciate every comment and observation. I was shooting handheld, with a fixed focal length, fast prime lens (14MM) at a lowish ISO to maintain quality. This image to me is not really about the Arc or even about Paris. I like some of the compositional elements and...
  2. Kulanu

    Late Summer in Paris

    Here is a shot down the CE looking toward the Arc d' Triomphe. Let me know what you think.
  3. Paris Lines & Arc

    Paris Lines & Arc

    Evening shot in Paris looking down the Champs Elysees toward the Arc d' Triomphe
  4. Kulanu

    Cloud Over Crystal Lake, Eastern Sierra Nevada

    It the last moments of daytime, the setting sun illuminates a solo cloud as it approaches a high Sierra lake. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. Lone Cloud

    Lone Cloud

    Dusk, Twin Lakes, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Ca
  6. Scree Field

    Scree Field

    Devil's Post Pile National Monument, Sierra Nevada, California
  7. Bank (sy) Shot

    Bank (sy) Shot

    Dublin Street Capture
  8. Wall Detail

    Wall Detail

    El Capitan, Yosemite National Park
  9. Kulanu's Humble Portfolio

    Kulanu's Humble Portfolio

  10. Kulanu

    The mosque

    Stunning work, Philip. May I ask what film simulation mode (if any) you used? Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. K
  11. Kulanu

    First Days Of Spring - Central Park, NYC - For CC

    Alas, I can't will leaves on the trees in Central Park but at least the gentleman in he foreground is wearing sorts! Thank you, Alan Cheers, K
  12. Kulanu

    First Days Of Spring - Central Park, NYC - For CC

    I had an hour between meetings and did a session in Central Park. Please feel free to comment and critique. Many thanks, K
  13. Kulanu

    Text Me...

    Haha. I tried to get my daughter's light up tennis shoes to illuminate at the exact moment of exposure. FAIL
  14. Kulanu

    This Machine Built Continents

    This was the photo out of the camera. I was using a 18mm prime lens. Had I zoomed out (backed up) all the potential romance would have been ruined. You would have seen that this gorgeous locomotive and private pullman car sits ignobly in the back parking of an industrial building in Sylmar...
  15. Kulanu

    This Machine Built Continents

    Agree! The Catapult embodies these technologies into the instrument of war that changed the world. When I was writing this I was thinking of the cow being hurled at the Castle in Holy Grail. If it were a fulcrum and lever, the cow would have only teetered :-)
  16. Kulanu

    Text Me...

    Alas, I was stuck with 18MM prime lens with low, available light.
  17. Kulanu

    This Machine Built Continents

    The first technology that redrew the map of the world by magnifying human strength was the Catapult. Then came the Steam Engine. Next the Microchip! Evolution is interesting. Cheers
  18. Kulanu

    Text Me...

    Took a walk. Found the ancestor to the modern day text message. Old things rule!
  19. Kulanu

    a philosophical question

    Alfred Stiegletz taught us that fine art photography was, like painting or sculpture, an artistic medium. Stieglitz and many of the Camera Works photographers associated with him, believed that a photograph was about light, texture, composition and that, at it's best, a fine art photo did NOT...
  20. Kulanu

    There Is A Jumbo Jet In My House!

    Thank you. I like the lithographic nature of this one. Sometimes it works and many times it lacks. I appreciate your comments. K