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  1. Redeyejedi

    what a difference a second can make

    so i was in tuscon for a baby shower, which turned into a baby arrival party(thankfully, i tht guys don't do baby/wedding showers) and i rented some glass to practice and get some snap shots of baby n everybody. so i snapped a couple of a cousin and her baby. and a second later, baby want...
  2. Redeyejedi

    File recovery

    so i boneheaded it last week....i was viewing images i recently shot on a laptop, i had my card reader hooked up and to save time, i decided to just copy the jpegs to quickly view them. i guess that action registered in my scatterbrain that i did the transfer to the workflow folder on the...
  3. Redeyejedi

    Lil' horny guy

    comment, criticize, critique, convey does the Dof i used here work with the subject? should i have stopped down a bit? 1. Horny Lizzard3 by Heavy Surf Advisory, on Flickr does the background take away from this shot? 2. Horny Lizzard2 by Heavy Surf Advisory, on Flickr thanks, Aaron
  4. Redeyejedi

    Just started by fledgling photo biz - help please

    i just started my new photo business and i have a wedding to shoot of a senior malibu couple. they are having their 9 yo dalmation as the ring bearer. i have a 18-55 kit lens to shoot with will i need a flash, the camer comes with one? also there is this exposure compilation button, is that for...
  5. Redeyejedi

    Default Shooting an event...ADVICE PLEASE!!

    i am not certain if this is the correct place for this inquiry, however..... i was asked to shoot an entertainment event at a local restaurant. i am going down there this evening around the same time as the event later this week; Thursday 8pm. it will be indoors, mixed crowd of people, and...