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  1. TamiAz

    New monitor..

    I received a Dell Ultrasharp monitor for Christmas, but not sure what settings to use. I am really not tech savvy, so I'm kind of clueless when setting stuff up. I'm not even sure what to google. Are settings different if you'll be editing pictures? Do I use Adobe RGB color profile? There a ton...
  2. TamiAz

    Viewfinder dimming

    During my last photoshoot I noticed my viewfinder dimming and when I took a picture and my flash wouldn't go off. The next shot I noticed the viewfinder brighten up and the flash worked. I thought I was giving my flash enough time to recycle, but maybe not. I was using a Flashpoint 360. Could...
  3. TamiAz

    Fixing colors in PS or LR

    What is the easiest way to tone down the orange in the shoes? I have photoshop and LR. DSC_8501family001 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  4. TamiAz

    Family session

    I took these for a friend this past weekend.. I would love feedback on the exposure/lighting. I used a Flashpoint 360 with my 50mm lens. Always striving to balance flash and ambient correctly. Thank you! DSC_8501family001 by TamiAz, on Flickr DSC_8523kids by TamiAz, on Flickr DSC_8525kids by...
  5. TamiAz

    I love cherry season...

    My favorite season for fruit! Cherries 2 by TamiAz, on Flickr Cherries 1 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  6. TamiAz

    Bird Watching..

    Roxy watching birds.. Roxy by window by TamiAz, on Flickr Pocket of light.. flowers by window by TamiAz, on Flickr
  7. TamiAz

    Bird watching..

    wrong forum.. Sorry! Please delete. :confusion:
  8. TamiAz


    Finally got to use my new Flashpoint 360.. I really like it. Kaitlyn000 by TamiAz, on Flickr Kaitlyn03 by TamiAz, on Flickr Kaitlyn3 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  9. TamiAz

    Setting up my new Flashpoint 360

    I finally got a Flashpoint 360 and I'm trying to set it up. I added my Yongnuo 622, so I can utilize high speed sync, however the YN622 makes it too tall. It's not touching, but very, very close. I'm guessing the bulb will melt the plastic. Does everything look ok? Did I do something wrong, or...
  10. TamiAz

    Getting lots of practice...

    A friend's daughter is graduating and I was able to do her senior pictures. Nat edited by TamiAz, on Flickr Nat closeup with hat by TamiAz, on Flickr closeup of Nat by TamiAz, on Flickr
  11. TamiAz

    Senior session

    A neighbor's son is graduating, so I took some pictures for them. Joseph6 by TamiAz, on Flickr Joseph3 by TamiAz, on Flickr Joseph1 by TamiAz, on Flickr Joseph4 by TamiAz, on Flickr Joseph2 by TamiAz, on Flickr Joseph7 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  12. TamiAz

    Just some pictures..

    I just felt like taken a picture before I got in the shower.. ;) DSC_6044shower head by TamiAz, on Flickr This was taken with my new Sigma 50mm 1.4.. Look at her eyes. So crisp!! :boogie: My first 1.4 lens. Kiki closeup by TamiAz, on Flickr
  13. TamiAz


    These were taken for a friend..My second maternity shoot. Used my flash in all three.. Getting lots of practice, so it's getting easier to use. Ally 3 by TamiAz, on Flickr Ally 2 by TamiAz, on Flickr Ally 1 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  14. TamiAz

    Five years of photography...

    I was looking through some old pictures and I came across one of the first portraits I took of my daughter.. It's hard to believe I've been at this for five years. I have put a lot of time and energy into this hobby and I've loved every minute of it. Still so much to learn.. I'm going to keep...
  15. TamiAz

    How does her skin look?

    Let me just say, dealing with skin tones makes me want to quite photography..Seriously. Just when I think I'm starting to get the hang of it I get shot down. I don't think this looks bad, but someone told me it looks washed out. What exactly does that mean? I used a gray card for white balance...
  16. TamiAz

    Need some advice..

    I currently have a Nikon SB700, 26" Rapid Box Octa and the Yungnuo YN622N trigger and receiver. I would like to add a new, more powerful light to my gear. This is a hobby for me, so I don't have a studio. Most of my shooting takes place outside. I would like something that that is portable and...
  17. TamiAz

    balancing flash and ambient..

    Some pictures I took using my flash.. Trying to practice balancing ambient and flash. Trying to avoid flashy looking pictures. makenna flash practice 1 by TamiAz, on Flickr makenna flash practice 2 by TamiAz, on Flickr
  18. TamiAz

    Monitor settings

    I am not technical and all the technical stuff makes my head spin, so I'm asking for some help. I have a MacBook Pro and an external monitor I use for editing pictures. I need help with the external monitor settings to make sure they are correct. I have a 24" Dell U2410 monitor. Right now the...
  19. TamiAz

    Does his skin look ok?

    I got a new MacBook and I calibrated the monitor today. Does his skin color look ok? It looks a bit red to me. I used a color checker as well, but still trying to figure out if I'm using it right. Excuse my son's goofy look. This is what I get what I get when I ask to take a test picture...
  20. TamiAz

    Just another cat picture..

    She was sitting in the only spot with sun and I couldn't resist. :chuncky: Roxy bw by TamiAz, on Flickr