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  1. DougGrigg


    A few from the other week, enjoy them as a series. Don't really take many street photographs so I thought I'd give it a go! Trying for a Martin Parr/ William Eggleston feel, let me know what you think! :er: Criticism encouraged please! :)
  2. DougGrigg

    Man buys bid of 10,000 undeveloped negatives.

    Street Photography: The Mysterious Story of Vivian Maier The discovery of Vivian maier, possibly one of the best photographers in the world. Love this. check it out, absolutely amazing! I wish I found those negatives!
  3. DougGrigg

    Collecting 35mm film slides.

    I've recently started collecting 35mm slides from ebay and the likes, it's really interesting to see views and perspectives that others had access to that perhaps I or you wouldn't. I've not seen a thread or anything related to "found photography" Obviously it is a relatively a new genre and...
  4. DougGrigg

    Oh the life of a conman..

    I was in a private gallery in london looking through a personal collection, I decided to take photos of the gallery. Only now, looking through the photos of the days in these galleries did I notice something.... Yes, that is infact an august sanders original print on the desk in front of me...
  5. DougGrigg

    selective colour fun!

    just a little bit of fun, what do you think?
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    Thesis/Dissertation Writing,

    I know many of you couldn't dream of combining words with photography, but in academia it is a definitive requirement and I really do need some help! Primarily on research ideas, who to quote and just general things to look at. My dissertation in lay-mans is, human facial expressions within...
  7. DougGrigg

    Photographer Talks, Keynotes, Meet & Greets.

    I've been fortunate enough to meet some absolutely amazing artists, photographers and creative people whilst also being able to experience their work in the audience of various talks and meet and greets. I'd just like to share with you some really talented artists whilst also asking; 'Who did...
  8. DougGrigg

    website critique

    please critique my website as there is a fresh new design! Ignore the services page but please let me know what you think as I've spent a few hours re-doing it today! :D Doug Grigg, Photographer cheers! x
  9. DougGrigg

    Canon 550D + lenses.

    Hey Guys (& Girls), just looking for a straight trade to something else, or to sell if the offers are right. I have: A Canon 550D w/ Twin Battery Grip 3 Batteries canon EFS 18-55mm 1:3 5-5.6 Canon 50mm 1:1.8 Tamron 70- 300mm 1.4 - 5.6 telemacro Opteka fisheye whats the Guestimation I could...
  10. DougGrigg

    Fitness & Personal Bests!

    I think there definitely needs to be a sub-forum for fitness discussions so lots of individual threads can be started and stored for separate things. quite a lot of you are going on about diets and such so I thought I'd post about myself going the complete reverse, I've been trying to put...
  11. DougGrigg

    Set construction, (100% Entirely built from scratch, walls included)

    Okay, here's a set construction I was a part of directing and working alongside a team of around 6, we constructed and shot the image in 3 days. our theme was post-apocalypse type of thing, we weren't really too worried about the story too much, but the lighting and how everything is set up...
  12. DougGrigg

    Nikon Prime Lenses? ( For D800 & D7000)

    I have a Nikon D800 & a D7000, I'm just wondering what are good suggestions for prime lenses? Tried and tested preferably so I have a source to trust as lenses aren't cheap these days! I'm starting a winter personal project and I will be shooting around 11:00 am (so I have a good clear light...
  13. DougGrigg

    Petrol Bombs and Riot Gear

    Some more insight into my photo essay on the london riots
  14. DougGrigg

    Exeter cathedral.

    Just a quick snap shot of exeter cathedral, I'm not religious by any means other than being christened, yet I find churches some of the most relaxing places in the world.
  15. DougGrigg

    Dance Monkey Dance, (Not as fun as it sounds)

    A Kind of You: Disturbing Portraits of Street Performing Monkeys in Jakarta Interesting article! check it out!
  16. DougGrigg

    Expression Study

    I posted a portrait study on micro expression a short while ago, here is another image of that study. I have cropped the image from a a much larger shot to suit a series. The expressions here are anger + discomfort, notice how he's biting his cheek keeping his mouth shut tightly, I dragged this...
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    C & C Website!

    Hey guys, you know the drill! I'd love for anything or everything as feedback for my website please! From how it looks to how it runs to the social networking connections! Anything you can think of would be great! thanks www.DougGrigg.Com -Doug
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    Name the photographer? Just been doing some research on various photographers, Stumbled across this photography in the Ted Baker...
  19. DougGrigg

    C & C website Homepage

    Haven't finalized my website yet, but I've been gradually adding to it, Here's a tester page for my home page, Dont really take into consideration the images or text mentioned, but the overall layout. Essentially I hope to take some bodies of work which relate in colour to make everything flow...
  20. DougGrigg

    Deconstruction please, I Consider myself pretty savvy with Deconstructing images but this photographer Guy Aroch, I really cant put a pin into his technical side. Ideally I'd like to know how...