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  1. MiFleur

    I won my first photography contest

    For the first time ever, I participated to a photography contest at the Moose Festival, (Ok it is a small one) But I won with this picture and I am happy about it! I am open to comments and critiques! Would a different edit be better?
  2. MiFleur

    Does this shot have interest?

    I have copied PGRIZ comment in the why No Critique post because I am still not sure what to ask for when I submit a photo for critique. but I need opinions to see if I am in the right direction, and taste matters as much as technical rules, how do you decide that a photo is interesting enough...
  3. MiFleur

    What causes that? Can we correct it?

    I took this photo at sunset, and it is the first time I see the phenomenon, see the circles around the light? Can someone explain what is going on? How would you correct that? Not that I want to save the picture but I would like to know for future use.
  4. MiFleur

    Fall theme, CC welcome

    I usually like close-up images better with a shallow depth of field, but, I wonder if a deeper depth of field would have been better. Any other comments? #1 131021_7171 Fiery leaves by MiFleur, Thanks for 400,000 views, on Flickr #2 131019_7084 Life at Ground Level by MiFleur, Thanks for...
  5. MiFleur

    An afternoon at the fair, an essay at street photography, comments appreciated

    This summer I have tried to improve on my portraits, worked out some candid shots and street phototgraphy I am trying to refine my criteria to judge which photos are good or not and I don't find it easy. Please let me know what you guys think #1 131005_6384 Candids at the Fryeburg Fair by...
  6. MiFleur

    Our Farm and gardens at sunrise, which is best? For a poster at the Farmer's Market

    #1 130921_5369 Fall Equinox Sunrise on our Gardens by MiFleur, Thanks for 400,000 views, on Flickr #2 130921_5375 Fall Equinox Sunrise on our Gardens by MiFleur, Thanks for 400,000 views, on Flickr #3 130921_5355 Fall Equinox Sunrise on our Gardens by MiFleur, Thanks for 400,000 views, on...
  7. MiFleur

    A few shots from my trip to Alaska, Critiques and comments always welcomed!

    #1 130725_3112 Girdwood, Alaska by MiFleur, just got back... will try and catch up., on Flickr #2 130724_2779 copy by MiFleur, just got back... will try and catch up., on Flickr #3 130722_1872 Natural ice sculptures on our cruise in the Kenai Fjords by MiFleur, just got back... will try...
  8. MiFleur

    Some of my summer shots that I like, are they interesting to you? improvements?

    1)It was completely blown up but the ducks were fine, does it look too artificial, I just added layers to fill the white. 2) I just think it looks all warmed up by the sun, is it any good to you? 3) I love the background on these, just wanted to frame them. Should I remove the frame? 4)...
  9. MiFleur

    Just received Vello extension tubes

    I was not too sure about it, I had ordered the Vello battery grip for my camera and had to return it. The extension tube are fine. With the 36 mm extension, my 70-200 F2.8 VRII autos focus works seamlessly. I am still trying to understand how much more magnification it gives. Thanks to Tiredon...
  10. MiFleur

    Silver beetles

    Last year, I saw this little bug for the first time, this year they are all over the place. I shot these with my Nikkor 60 mm macro lens. Opinions and critiques are welcome. 1- First sight Silvery bug by MiFleur, on Flickr 2- 130601_7091 copy by MiFleur, on Flickr 3- 130601_7098 copy...
  11. MiFleur

    Check list for first ever wedding shoot

    That's it, tomorrow is my first wedding, I am a bit nervous I have charged the batteries, cleaned up my lens, bought new memory cards... I have 3 flashes, 2 cameras, 4 lenses, my tripod. I also have prepared a list of the shot we do not want to miss, I even have a document of internet...
  12. MiFleur

    Dew in the morning

    Right now with the weather we have in New Hampshire I can only look at my first flower pictures of the year, my flowers are soakin' under the rain! Critiques and comments always welcomed! #1 130518_5626 Dew in the morning by MiFleur, on Flickr #2 130518_5743 The Water drop by MiFleur, on...
  13. MiFleur

    Best battery grip for my Nikon D600?

    For the first time I feel the need for a battery grip, since I am shooting more portrait than before, with my first 2 weddings coming. I have this one in my shopping cart right now Vello BG-N10 Battery Grip For Nikon D600 is at $79.95 from B&H , but before I check out, I would like to know If...
  14. MiFleur

    Nature's Textures C&C welcome

    Some of the shots I took at the Botanical Garden in Montreal #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  15. MiFleur

    Butterflies and more from the Montreal's Botanical Garden

    I loved the butterflies so much that I returned a second time. These are some of my favorite shots there.. wish I had better focus on some of them. Critique and comments are most welcomed. -1 130418_2916 copy by MiFleur, waiting for spring!, on Flickr -2 130418_3313 copy by MiFleur, waiting...
  16. MiFleur

    At the Sugar Shack

    We will have 35 gallons of maple syrup this season, with only 300 taps! way better than our 4 gallons of last year! These are my favorite images of our sugaring season. Critiques and comments are welcome #1 130327_1693 copy by MiFleur, waiting for spring!, on Flickr #2 130325_1536 copy by...
  17. MiFleur

    How would you have shot this? I have no idea how to improve this shot

    There was a gold color curtain that was covering the wall where the light was coming from, the whole room was yellow. I was shooting against the light, tried with and without flash as you can see. The ceiling was so high that I could not bounce the flash to diffuse the light. The official...
  18. MiFleur

    Nikon 35mm f/1.4G AF-S Nikkor Lens - Do you have pictures taken with this lens?

    While dreaming of buying this lens, I would like to see pictures taken with it and know how satisfied you are. Do you find that it focuses fast enough? is it worth the price? Is there any distortion?
  19. MiFleur

    Toad with texture

    130228_0491 Toad by MiFleur, Catching Up!, on Flickr It was on the ground at the Montreal Botanical Garden, but the concrete was kind of dull looking A few months ago I found an old house that had various square tiles that I shot! added a layer and it kind of dresses the area... What do you think?
  20. MiFleur

    The butterflies at the Montreal Botanical Garden

    I took several shots of the butterflies, it was a beautiful sunny day and there were hundreds of people in the greenhouse. I almost knocked down a kid that came running at the same time I turned around with my camera. We are not allowed tripod or monopods in the place. Thank God! the kid would...