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  1. BillM

    I want to fly like an eagle ...

    ... or in this guys case fly away from one. Once the bald eagles swooped down out of their tree everyone took off lol
  2. BillM

    New puppies :)

    My girl Hope had her first litter on Sunday so stay tuned for lots of pics as they grow :) Mom and pups all doing great, she loves her babies !!!! They were about 12 hours old in this shot.
  3. BillM

    Would anyone like to see some puppy pictures ?

    Of course you would, we all do :) Took a few quick shots for a friend this morning, she'll be sending them off to the perspective owners later. Monday they will be 5 weeks old. (Great Danes)
  4. BillM

    The Last Point

    Last night was the last game played in my old High School gym. It was the second round of the playoffs and the girls won 65-30. A nice comeback considering they were down 25-20 at the half lol This freshman hit a free throw in the last few seconds to close the old building down And my last...
  5. BillM

    Would anyone like to see some puppy pictures ?

    Of course you would, everyone does :) Say hello to Hope. She came to live with us at 10 weeks old back at the end of August. She is just over 6 months old now. She is an interesting little critter lol 1. 2. 3. She loves Oz lol 4. Crappy iPhone photo but the light works 5. 6. 7...
  6. BillM

    Some more High School Turkey Day Football (way too many pics)

    Beautiful day for football and turkey !!! Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day !!!
  7. BillM

    It was fun to shoot a day game again

    With the clouds it was almost as dark as a night game but still much better. THis is the lowest division of HS football in the area so it was close to a 7 on 7 game, One team had 17 players the other had 22. But they all seemed to enjoy the game so it's all good. Here we go Surprisingly...
  8. BillM

    And a few from around the bird feeders

    Work has been keeping me busy but I do manage to get a few shots out the window now and then Looks like this one was working out lol Thanks for looking
  9. BillM

    I had no idea ....

    ... that squirrels ate mushrooms !!!!! And it looks like it was a good one lol I watched him pick it and devour it. He sure looked like he was enjoying it.
  10. BillM

    And now for something completely different

    Worked all day and a good portion of that time was sitting and waiting. So when that happens I stick a lens out the window. But not many birds around, think i got a bad bag of bird food at Lowes, they seem to like the stuff I can get at the supermarket better And this guy Ok, one...
  11. BillM

    San Antonio Zoo

    Spent a week in San Antonio so I was able to spend a morning at the zoo, unfortunately they don't open until 9 AM so the sun was already past where I would have liked it, but I still had some fun. Unfortunately the lions and tigers didn't want to play along. All taken with D7200 and 105 MM...
  12. BillM

    San Antonio (lots of pics)

    Spent the week in San Antonio for a conference so I took the D7200 and a 105 MM Macro, not exactly sure why I took that lens but it was nice having to think through my shots. And yes, it is the typical tourist stuff like the riverwalk and the Alamo but I also took an extra day so I could go to...
  13. BillM

    Bird ID help please

    Can't figure this one out, it has been hanging around the back of my property the last few days. Just can't figure out what it is, or get close enough for a good pic :( thanks in advance
  14. BillM

    Yesterday's walk 5/20/15

    It was real windy which worked for me and against me in a few different situations, the perch shots were harder than normal as the trees were swaying but the high wind allowed me to get closer than normal on a few as they didn't hear me coming ;) 1)Where are all the girls at ???? 2) I'm out...
  15. BillM

    Today's walk - 5/15/15

    Had to take last night off but got a few miles in tonight 1) RWBB 2) little Doby puppy 3) Swan 4)Eastern Kingbird 5) One more of the puppy
  16. BillM

    Twist and Shout

    Shake it up baby !!!
  17. BillM

    Out for a walk

    Decided to take a wide angle with me instead of the bird lens. Right now it is more about getting my blood pressure down than the photography :heartpump: I've never done much landscape but I am always willing to learn 1) 2) 3) 4)
  18. BillM

    Get a room !!!!!

    Everyone was enjoying the nice weather And a couple more from my walk tonight, some are serious crops but the light was so nice i took the shots anyways. almost stepped on this little guy while watching the female rwbb, i hate snakes, even little ones !!!'' And the mother...
  19. BillM

    You make me dizzy miss lizzy

    Not something i see every day lol All better ;)
  20. BillM

    Not safe for snake lovers !!! (NSFSL)

    I think we all know who this won't end well for :( Well he gets points for trying to fight back !!! But the fight didn't last long He didn't mind me watching, as long as i didn't try to share dinner Yum !!!! I bet it tastes as good as it looks !!! He didn' seem to mind so as...