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  1. ceeboy14

    Smoke Break

  2. ceeboy14

    Sequence of the Great White Snagging the Dragonfly, Comments Always Appreciated

    Scoping out the area Zeroing In Ready, Aim... Fire! Maneuvering for the swallow Cou'p De Etat Down the Hatch
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    Tastes Just Like Chicken C&C, Please

    Even though I've witnessed this scene many times, this is the first time I've been able to focus lock on the whole series of a Great White Egret stalking, capturing and eating dragonflies. They are amazingly stealthy and fast; OMG are they fast. At 1/6000 I still couldn't get a clean "at point"...
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    One Way or the Other, I'm Gonna Gitcha, Gitcha, Gitcha

    Note the water spider under the dragonflies.
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    or, Birds in Flight, or whatever...sometimes a title simply escapes me
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    Green Heron

  7. ceeboy14

    Morning Storm CC please

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    Nikon D800 Body Only

    28,000 +/- shutter actuations. One scratch across the top of the top panel menu box (but it is on a glass insert I put on (there is also one on the back LCD panel to protect it from scratches. the original panels are as they were when the camera came out of the box). Pretty much immaculate...
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    Bayou Sunrise

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    Night Flight

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    This is what you don't want to slither across the trail right in front of you...ever

    About a 4 foot, 3" diameter Water Moccasin. I am not sure who went the fastest, me or him...that'll put a little extra dry in your spit.
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    Banana Mango Smoothie

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    The Trail to Grandma's House, So Said the Nice Wolf C&C, por favor

    It is intentionally "gritty" in a manner to simulate a fine etching on zinc plate.
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    Little Green Heron C&C please

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    This shot was made 14 minutes before the sun cracked the horizon. There is a small lagoon frequented by local fishermen for bait fish for the day's fishing expedition. Since they almost always get in the way of the shot I come to shoot, now I just incorporate them into the shot. Almost all of...
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    Balancing Act