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    So many hobbies! So little time!

    Well, I'm guessing that most of us on this forum don't shoot professionally and use photography as a outlet and as a hobby, so I figured maybe some you guys might be in the same boat as I am and might have something to say about this. Also, if you don't want to read my venting and ranting...
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    Red-Tailed Hawk, American Robin, and Squirrel. Which one doesn't fit?

    Just some critters around my house. I was in the parking lot near my house and heard a loud bird in the small woods by the parking lot and saw a hawk on a small nest. So I stood there looking to see what it was doing and a few seconds later an even larger hawk swooped in with a medium sized...
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    Day at the zoo

    Went to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. Got some decent shots. Tried to capture as little cage, fence and enclosure as possible. Some animals that I really wanted to capture were either far away or had too much cage in front of them. My favorite photo is either the Otter, Gilla Monster, or...
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    Feed me your dreams...

    So I had this really dark, creepy, ultra vivid dream last night and I can't get over thinking of it. It made so much sense and it seemed like a movie. Just had to vent and tell someone. Share your dreams. So I live in a 1800's Victorian style house with really wide staircases but on the bottom...
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    A few night shots for C&C

    Let me know what you guys think and possibly some tips on taking better nighttime shots. I have a "thing" for having sessions at night.