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  1. joyride

    Looking for photo booth in Chicago

    I am in need of a photobooth (the kind you put your money in and get the 4 picture strip out, just so were all on the same page) for a project I have coming up. I know that there are some in bars, but I need one somewhere else. Does Navy Pier have one? Possibly one down near Millennium Park...
  2. joyride

    Lets go for a swim

    Shot on Tmax 400 with illford chemicals
  3. joyride

    IR in the city

    Just some IR images form the last few months. day on the river bean (composed of 13 separate shots, all with 72R and ND8 filter for long exposure)
  4. joyride

    Chicago Architecture

    Been away for a while. Just recently made the move to Chicago, and trying to get my ducks in a row. Wish I would have known Decembers photo challenge...:x Anyway, critique away! IXIXI Insulae blue collar/white collar city
  5. joyride

    another downtown pano shot

    Composed of 5 images (original is 2500x10000 px). It was really windy out on the pier, and my camera was shaking slightly on the tripod (I think its time to get a manfrotto!) (Photobucket is resizing way too small, sorry) 15" @ f18
  6. joyride

    IR bean pano

    Made from 12 shots combined (original size is 2900x7200). There were several parts that just wouldnt go together right. Oh well. 30" @ f22, 72R and 8xND on lens
  7. joyride

    photoshop RAW importing questions

    Just a few random things I have noticed that puzzled me. when I load my RAW files to photoshop, the info at the bottom tells me that I shot a 2000x3000 image, but at 8 bit. I know I can switch it to 16 bit, but if it is shot in only 8 bit, whats the point of switching? Also, when I used...
  8. joyride

    Beach (another sunset shot)

    Shot on the 4th at Glen Haven, MI. Didnt get many pictures out of the weekend, which bummed me out. C&C always welcome.
  9. joyride

    Pavillion (IR photo)

    Just some IR I shot in downtown Kzoo. I did find some other places to shoot while I was down here though, so if any nearby Michiganders want to tag along, let me know!
  10. joyride

    Exile audio XP5 components - car audio

    I have a set of Exile Audio XP5 components I need to sell. I had them set in some monitors I made, so they have never been in a bad environment. They maybe have 20 hours of play on them. Overall, the were pretty smooth. Definitely a great sound for the money. Im looking to get $80 +...
  11. joyride

    From the green...

    This is a first attempt at flowers. Shot in the chicago conservatory. I should really go back in a few weeks to see the others that bloom. More to come later. It really was this pink (no saturation adjusted, just slight curves)
  12. joyride

    The Poles

    Another shot from Chicago. I almost submitted this to the March monthly challenge, but went with the other shot. Been too busy with school to post lately. C&C always welcome
  13. joyride

    I fell in love today...

    I got my hands on a Mamiya 7II with the telephoto 150 (I think). If only someone would have told me that pushing that shutter release once would get me that hooked, I would have never done it! And how the hell do they get those alignment areas in the viewfinder, along with the focusing? It...
  14. joyride

    Building Destruction

    I was going to jump the fence to get some better images, but there were a few too many cops on duty in the area. CC alwasy welcome
  15. joyride

    boring snowbank

    Yeah, kinda boring....But i edited it anyway.
  16. joyride

    No swimming

    Another shot form my walk in the city. C&C welcome.
  17. joyride

    My long walk (C&C)

    Lets see who knows the city. Should be fairly obvious for some...And if you know the city, lets see if you know where they are from. Any comments/crit is welcomed and encouraged, as I really need to improve my composition and pp. Lonesome Bench Cityscape Fraid Wire
  18. joyride

    Canon shutter remote (RS-60E3)

    Used this in my photo one class, then sold the camera. Comes with remote, box, and manual. specs from B&H: A compact remote switch with a 2 ft. cable replicating all functions of the camera's shutter release button. Handy for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to...
  19. joyride


    F8, 30", ISO 200, 20mm Not quite up to darkside quality yet, but next time we will have props. It was creepy though with no lighting. All foreground lighting is painted.
  20. joyride

    Have a seat, and wash your hands!

    Some from my day in a creey dark tunnel (hidden in my school model shop) F9, 30", ISO 200, 18mm Dont forget to wash your hands! F3.5, 13", ISO 200, 18mm