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  1. c_pass

    Starter Macro lens help

    hey all, Trying to get some advice on what macro lens to start out with? I shoot with Nikon d7100... Any advice would be helpful!
  2. c_pass

    iPhone app not working

    Anyone getting this error when trying to access the forum thru the app? I been getting for a long time now... Tried redownlading also... Anyone know hown to fix it?
  3. c_pass

    New York City Shots on the Rivers... Let me know any thoughts..

    I went out on a excursion on the rivers of NYC last week... Here are some of my favorites shots from the outing... Image 1 - F-Stop 11; Shutter Speed 160; ISO-100; Focal Length 10mm Image 2 - F-Stop 6.3; Shutter Speed 500; ISO-100; Focal Length 150mm Image 3 - F-Stop 22...
  4. c_pass

    Moon shot

    Went out to take a shot of the moon the other night.... here's the results.... Any thoughts or critiques are welcomed
  5. c_pass

    Kid playing in the park..C&C always welcomed

    Caught this kid loving life in the park... C&C always welcomed Image 1 Image 2
  6. c_pass

    Early morning fog looking over NYC...C&C always welcomed

    I went out to this reservation over looking NYC and captured this... Let me know any thoughts.
  7. c_pass

    Shots from my walk thru the park... C&C always welcomed

    I went out to the park around me early Saturday morning and took these... C&C always welcomed Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
  8. c_pass

    Recreation Football shots

    Took some shots of this flag football league that I play in... Here are my favorites from the outing... Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
  9. c_pass

    Looking for some C&C on the composition of these shots

    I took these at this 9/11 memorial in NJ... Let me know any thoughts.. Image1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
  10. c_pass

    Panorama shot of NYC with 9/11 Lights

    Hey guys, I took this Panorama technically last night... Let me know any thoughts... One issue I dont like is the center of the horizon... I was thinking about moving it to the lower third, but I like the reflections in the water as well...
  11. c_pass

    Early morning shots to share C&C always welcomed

    I got up early to catch the sunrise from this mountain reservation... Let me know any thoughts. I did post processing on all of these. Image 1 f/13 1/800 ISO-100 55mm Image 2 f/16 1/1600 ISO-100 55mm Image 3 f/5.6 1/800 ISO-100 55mm Image 4 f/4.5 1/400 ISO-100 55mm
  12. c_pass

    C&C on some shots please

    Hey everyone, I picked these from a outing I did about 3 weeks ago, Just looking for some C&C on them... Thanks in advance & enjoy Image 1 f/13 1/160 ISO - 100 26mm Image 2 My intent was to position the rising sun behind the stars of the flag... I did that... but wondering if there...
  13. c_pass

    High School Football Shots...

    I was able to get out to my brothers high school football intrasquad game today...Here a few that I liked... Let me know any thoughts if you have any...Enjoy Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
  14. c_pass

    Seattle space needle shots

    Hey everyone, I came out to Seattle for work and was able to get some time to shoot around the city... Of course, when you go to a place with landmarks you gotta get a shot.. Here are my takes on the Seattle Space Needle... Let me know any thoughts please Focal Length: 240mm Apeture: 10...
  15. c_pass

    Other nikon cameras?

    Does anyone have a idea as to what other camera's nikon may be releasing this year? I want to pick up a d7000 BUT I'll be mad if i get it and then a upgraded version of it is released shortly after... Thanks Nikon D5100
  16. c_pass

    Some Softball shots I took today

    Just sharing... Feel free to offer any critiques...Thanks! Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  17. c_pass

    Lens hood replacement

    Hey, Somehow, someway, my lens hood for my 55-300 lens broke today... Im having a tough time finding one on Amazon. I found some on ebay, but want to know if there another lens hood maker that I can look into ?
  18. c_pass

    Some Football shots from a local flag league I play in

    I took these today... Feel free to critique if you wish... Thanks! image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4
  19. c_pass

    Getting a reflection when shooting the moon

    Hey everyone, I was trying to shoot the moon last night and I kept getting a reflection of the moon in the shot... I seen it in the view finder also... Can someone tell me why this is happening? Here one shot for an example Thanks for any advice
  20. c_pass

    Buy a new lens or Speedlight?

    Hey everyone, I'm ready to make my next equipment purchase, but I am debating on what to purchase, a new lens or to purchase a speedlight? I still consider myself a beginner in the world of photography and would be curious to what the experienced photographers would recommend. I'm looking...