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  1. Jaknap


    Here a few shots I have managed to get of these little fuzzy creatures:
  2. Jaknap

    Western Tiger Swallowtail

    This guy was a front yard visitor, took a lot of patience and being ready with my camera to get a clean shot of him (or her) over a period of a few days:
  3. Jaknap

    Capitol Hill

    While visiting DC I took this shot (free hand):
  4. Jaknap

    Floral Shots

    I don't know the names of all these flowers but they did look pretty to me:
  5. Jaknap

    Baby raccoon

    This guy was roaming around for many days in a row during the evenings, allowed for a photo opportunity:
  6. Jaknap

    "Treasure Hunter"

    I took this shot off of a bridge, kind of right place at the right time, I like this shot because of the story it tells about this youngster (the river is The Ganges in Haridwar, India):
  7. Jaknap

    Detroit Skyline

    I took this shot from Windsor (Ontario) which is across the border/Detroit River, it was a beautiful sunny day:
  8. Jaknap

    Taj Mahal

    No pictures can do this monument justice but this is my attempt at bringing it to life as much as possible on the screen:
  9. Jaknap

    Ducks [of Toronto]

    These shots were all taken in the vicinity of where I live:
  10. Jaknap

    Baseball shots

    A couple of years back attended a game and was my first time doing any high speed photography:
  11. Jaknap

    Monarchs - how beautiful!

  12. Jaknap

    Bird shots

    I had a chance to do some shooting this weekend, this was the result:
  13. Jaknap

    Hi, newly joined amateur here!

    Hi all, just joined a minute ago, look forward to posting here and learning!