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  1. photospherix

    Dust Removal before the shot

    It seems that I am getting older, I can not see what I could 10 years ago. As of late, I am spending way to much time removing dust from products in post production. I know a better way must exist, but I am looking for thoughts. How are you Dusting and Cleaning products before photography...
  2. photospherix

    Workflow and repetition

    I thought a good thread about Product Photography Workflow and repetition could help everyone. A client comes to you and says that they want a large amount of products photographed, and each product needs about 50 images. This fits into a true production situation. Now, what is the best...
  3. photospherix

    Comments or Suggestions before I drink the products!

    It has been awhile since I shot bottles. I am open for comments and suggestions. JUst remember that they still want it on white, but I would love to give them that "something different" for their product shots.
  4. photospherix

    360 view of Pinup

    The other day, one of our clients came in and wanted us to figure out how to shoot his tables, have them rotate, but still show the scale of the table. Round one had just the table. it didn't work so good. Round two got interesting. We added a model to the shoot. KEEP IN MIND the name of the...
  5. photospherix

    I just spent to much time looking at google street view

    I found a link to a site that will waste time. It is a collection of funny google street views. StreetViewFun | Funny google maps street views
  6. photospherix

    Fall Pumpkin Patch, no kids, just a Lady

    While I was at the local Pumpkin patch, my oldest was running around and my wife was toe behind, that gave me a chance to play with the camera. I am open to thoughts and suggestions. Macro is not my thing.
  7. photospherix

    360 product photography

    I thought since everyone else did it, I will add my site to the list. Come take a look, give us feedback on the photography, give us feedback on the site, just say HI:) PhotoSpherix, starting a revolution in photography.