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  1. CowgirlMama

    My Son

    I have space. There was extra space in the top of the shot that I cut out. As stated above, this was cropped for the iPad. I forgot to adjust the crop before posting. It likely won't be printed, so I'm not too concerned there. There's room to adjust the backdrop, too, but I was in a hurry and...
  2. CowgirlMama

    My Son

    It's cropped to fit my iPad screen. There's space on top and sides to make it other sizes, but there's not any more on the bottom. I totally blew that one. :( I did these with B&W in mind, so I don't even remember how it looked in color. He's pretty pale skinned, so I have trouble not...
  3. CowgirlMama

    My Son

    My TTL doesn't have manual settings. I'm looking at options that I can afford, so I can have manual settings. I just haven't actually placed the order yet. ;) The flash that was low was set to a fairly low setting, basically just to lighten shadows, so it doesn't show up much in the photos. I...
  4. CowgirlMama

    My Son

    I'm trying to figure out flash and studio lighting. I'm basically figuring it out on my own, so progress is very slow. I'd really love CC and any advice possible. This is with two speedlights with shoot through umbrellas. Only one is manual (I'm looking at getting another, so I have more...
  5. CowgirlMama

    My guard dog.

    I'm impressed that she's standing in the snow. Mine wouldn't dream of letting snow touch his delicate fur. :P She's pretty. :)
  6. CowgirlMama

    Copyright and Old Photos

    I've had places freak out at printing photos that weren't actually professional. They just thought they were. The Olan Mills photos have the stamp, even 50+ years ago.
  7. CowgirlMama

    Halloween..dressing up?????

    I probably won't dress up. It takes time to come up with a costume and I've been busy. However, my 3 year old is dressing up. His isn't anything unique, though. He desperately wanted to be Superman, so that's what he's doing.
  8. CowgirlMama

    Drive by shooting

    Here, at least, it's legal and pretty popular. Now, if I see you taking my picture, I might stick my tongue out at you. I don't like having my picture taken, but that doesn't make it wrong for you to do it. I'd say you're fine. Just, if someone asks you not to take their picture or their kids'...
  9. CowgirlMama

    Copyright and Old Photos

    My mom and I are scanning all our family photos, from 1919 to about 2005. Most are family photos, but a few are professional. Most of the professional photos don't have enough information on them for me to identify where they were done. One had the company and address, but didn't show up in a...
  10. CowgirlMama

    A Kid and a Camera

    I should be able to bring the highlights down pretty easily. I'll work on it and try to get a new version up in a bit. :) I've been begging my dad to take pictures of me with his cameras. He's got several awesome old ones. :D
  11. CowgirlMama

    A Kid and a Camera

    My 3 year old was begging to have pictures taken tonight (he alternates, some days he hates the camera, others, he loves it). As we were headed out the door, my dad pulled out one of his old cameras and told me to take it along to pose with. Of course, my son thought it was the best thing ever...
  12. CowgirlMama


    I have a couple exes who'd be happy to show up and ruin my wedding if they could. One would just show up totally drunk. The other might try to stop it. So, personally, I wouldn't want my engagement photos (with names, dates and locations) available online until the wedding and honeymoon were...
  13. CowgirlMama

    Pro Selfies?

    I'm not very good at taking pictures of myself yet. When I get a decent one, I use it as a profile picture for a while. Then I change it back to a shot of my kid. He's cuter. ;)
  14. CowgirlMama

    Amazing cloud shot.

    I love it. I think clouds are beautiful, but not always easy to capture. You definitely got the effect, though! Good job. :)
  15. CowgirlMama

    ride, please leave your opinion :)

    You might also want to do something about the reflection of your living room in the mirror. ;)
  16. CowgirlMama

    Rodeo from last night

    The bulls are definitely dangerous. I watched a guy ride sans helmet a couple weeks ago and end up in the hospital because the bull came down on his head. It was not good and he was lucky to be alive. A helmet would have at least taken some of the impact. In the three nights at that rodeo, there...
  17. CowgirlMama

    What caused rhis to my photos

    Your shutter is too fast. Unless your flash is set for high sync speed, your shutter needs to be under 1/250. Even with a high sync speed, there are limits, but they're higher. P.S. The second image is not ruined. Square crop. ;)
  18. CowgirlMama

    my dog :)

    Your dog is gorgeous! I love Rotts. They're not legal in my town, so I don't get to see many of them. :(
  19. CowgirlMama

    Bear the cat is lucky to be alive!

    I have one who tries to cuddle anything left out and one who thinks that if he can move it, it's a toy. He'll literally throw things across the room. My animals have damaged more than my 3 year old ever dreamed of. He's actually quite gentle with camera equipment (because if he's nice, he gets...
  20. CowgirlMama

    Crop = Crap.

    This part is the key. I remember the first digital my family owned. It shot something like 2 mp. Yeah, don't crop that, if you want to print. :P I can crop quite a bit on the 6D's photos, though, because they're massive and I don't print bigger than 8X10 with very rare exceptions (I've printed...