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  1. Warfarin

    High mountain lake

    Went on a trail ride this weekend and caught this high mountain lake, called Joe's Valley Reservoir. Canon EOS 10D
  2. Warfarin

    Ricoh lens

    My mother gave me her old Ricoh XR-P MF camera with 3 lenses and I picked up a 3rd from eBay. I’m fairly certain that Pentax lenses will fit this camera. My question is how do I determine “premium” glass from Ricoh or Pentax and are all MF Pentax lenses compatible? I know with Canon it is the...
  3. Warfarin

    Won’t focus

    New to Nikon. So I just got a AF Nikkor 35-135 f3.5-4.5 Macro lens off of eBay. The weird thing about it is it won’t focus under 60MM. I put it at 35 and no focus and just slowly moved the zoom out until it focused which was around 60MM. I have tried it on multiple bodies and same thing (all...
  4. Warfarin

    Waterfalls of all kinds

    Well not sure why and I searched but there doesn't seem to be a "waterfall" themed thread so I'm going to start one, if no one objects. Please post waterfall pictures here . These were taken in the evening hand held with a Canon EOS 50D. I didn't know this waterfall existed. I will return...
  5. Warfarin

    unhappy Pepper

    Sure looks like she is unhappy about being in the dog pen. Canon Elan 7 Ilford Hp-5 400 film
  6. Warfarin

    1980 Ford F-150

    My very 1st truck. I really need to restore it. Canon Elan 7 Ilford HP-5 400 film
  7. Warfarin

    Neckid Neck Chickens

    Got bored 2 Sundays ago and decided to harass my chickens. Canon Elan 7 Ilford HP-5 400 film
  8. Warfarin

    Old engine

    Picture of an 1983 Ford 300ci straight 6 I have waiting to be rebuilt. Taken with a Canon Elan 7 with Ilford HP-5. First time using this film. I kinda like it.
  9. Warfarin

    New SLR’s to collect

    So I have a good collection of Canon and Minolta cameras and am looking to move on to other brands. I have no loyalty and will use anything that is of good quality. I want to get good mid level cameras to collect. Pro type are usually either too expensive or too beat up to worry about. The...
  10. Warfarin

    My trip to Washington State

    Mt Saint Helens and Owen beach
  11. Warfarin

    Canon 50D

    So I am wading into digital photography and bought a 50d, 20d and a 10d. I know they are old but I don’t need super megapixels. Anything I need to know about using them? Tips, tricks etc that will make them easier? Still waiting on the 20d and 10d. So far liking the 50d. I have good glass...
  12. Warfarin

    Minolta Raw format

    So not sure if I made a mistake or not as something just hit me. I love Minolta film cameras and I have a KonicaMinolta Dimage Z2 that takes great pictures. Anyway since the Z2 is so good I decided to bid on a Minolta 7D and it looks like I’m going to win the auction. My question is this, did...
  13. Warfarin

    Fishing with Grandpa

    Well he was fishing and I was taking pictures. Taken with a Canon EOS Elan 7ne. 75-300 USM lens on Fuji 400 Film. Not to bad considering I discovered the AF was broken on my lens after shooting.
  14. Warfarin

    Disc film

    Found an old Disc film negative and have no clue what to do with it. My scanner doesn’t have any holders for it and I don’t know anybody that makes prints from negatives. Any suggestions?
  15. Warfarin

    High ISO film

    So I am just getting back into photography and digital is not my cup of tea. I realize it can do marvelous things but it’s to complicated. On top of that I have lots of film cameras. As I look for new film I have noticed that 400 seems to be the highest ISO I can find in color. B&W has 3200...
  16. Warfarin

    Camera body obsession

    Ok so I have a problem. I am obsessed with buying camera bodies and I need help. I have over 30 (which I know to some is not very many) but I don’t want a bunch of shelf queens I want to shoot. What I really need is a lens obsession. I know using the same film, settings, lighting etc the...
  17. Warfarin

    Good dog Bad dog :P

    Was using and old Minolta SRT 101 and some 20 year old Kodak CN400 B&W film. No light meter just guessed. 50MM lens. I just love how one dog looks all prim and proper and being "good" for the camera and the other sticking her tongue out at me. I reality they are opposites.
  18. Warfarin

    Canon AE-1 Program problems

    Just got an AE-1 Program from EBay. I have shot AE-1’s since the 80’s and always wanted a program. This one was advertised as excellent condition. Well it’s not. Light seals (shock) are all but gone and the worst part is the film advance lever trips the shutter at the end of it’s throw...
  19. Warfarin


    So yes this has been brought up but ages ago and things have changed alot. Besides Outdoor Photographer is there any good print magazines left?
  20. Warfarin

    New to this forum

    Well did some searches for photography forums and this looked the most active so here I am. I was into photography big in the 80's until about 2013 and for some reason just stopped (don't even know what the reason is/was). Anyway I was at my restaurant and saw a young man (yes I'm old) with a...