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    Gear upgrade - Help!

    Hi team, Quite desperately need to upgrade my gear. Bit of background - I shoot predominately equestrian sports and I've found over the last year I seem to be deleting a lot more photos than I use to! Not sure if this is a lens or a body issue and both are fairly old. I shoot with a Nikon D7000...
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    Website Critique

    Hi guys! After a bit of website Critique Specifically in areas of: Is it easy to use/navigate? Is it easy to buy an event photo? Is it easy to buy Original art/prints? Anything else much appreciated!!
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    50 Shades of Purple?!

    Hi all! I seem to come and go from this site - Have a quick question - Whats causes this purple halo around the rider, often its not there but sometimes it is when nothing changes in terms of settings etc Shot with a D7000 and a 70-300mm VR - could this play a part or is it something else? (Im...
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    Dog portraiture

    Hi team, I came across photographer Portfolio | Alicja Zmysłowska Fotograf Psów | Fotografia Psów And I'm absolutely mesmerized by her dog photos! One question - how?! I'm aware they are fairly post processed but how do the eyes always look so stunning? What lenses do you think she works with...
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    Light painting photography critique/advise

    I love exploring all the amazing photo opportunities throughout the abandoned earthquake ruins in Christchurch. There are so many un touched places still 4 years on - together with my boyfriend (who has really taken a liking to this long exposure fun) we have scaled buildings and fences but...
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    What is used to achieve this??

    Probably quite a simple answer but what is it and where can I buy one! Ive done long exposure shoots with sparklers but I feel that's getting a bit cliche, i quite like this idea, and different colours would be awesome to play with! Please do not post images to which you do not hold rights...
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    Tamron vs Nikon 24-70mm/2.8

    Sorry if there is threads like this but I couldn't find any exactly what I'm after... I was in the (Somewhat dangerous) photo shop today looking into the Nikon 24-70mm/2.8. the price being $2568. The shop guy (A nikon user himself) then pointed me in the direction of of the Tamron 24-70mm/2.8...
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    Whats your number one wedding lens?

    As the title says! Whats your go to wedding lens? (Sorry if there has been a few of these threads?) Ive been assistant wedding shooter for a while now and I i love it and have even done a few low level solo shoots. But have decided to take the plunge and do it a bit more seriously. But I'm...
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    Website Critique?

    I have JUST released my website to the public! Theres still a few pages etc that are under-construction but I could I please get some critique/pointers? Anything appreciated :) Michelle Clarke
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    Slightly missed focus

    Hey all! been a while since I've posted but I'm back! Okay so I shoot horses 90% of the time. Ive recently noticed that occasionally the focus is missed and no settings change between photos etc Its definitely hard to nail it every time with shooting such a fast subject in some challenging...
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    Focusing in dark enviroments

    I've recently been hired to do night club photography for a couple of hours every friday and saturday. The photos are just for publicity and only go up on facebook. 80% of the photos come out good but sometimes my camera just wont focus in the darkish environment. Im just not what to do about...
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    New Sigma lens auto focus trouble

    i just brought a new Sigme lens (18-200mm f/3.5-6.3) Brand new looks real nice havent had a Sigma lens before but I was impressed with the first imression, nice weight to it, felt pretty goood etc. Put it on my D7000 - Wont auto focus... it: - ****s around for a good 10seconds and when it does...
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    QQ - Sigma 18-200mm

    Looking for somthing in the mean time untill i can afford to step up to the f2.8 70-200mm Ive found the Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 which i am wanting to use for sports/ horses in the mean time. Will f6.3 be fast enough to shoot galloping/ jumping horses? The nikon version is 5.6 instead but...
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    Playing with new new D7000 C&C

    It's been really crappy weather since I got my new camera and have hardly been able to get out and have a real play with it. I was sitting inside this afternoon thinking what an awesome day it and how i shouldn't sit on the computer for the rest of the day. What I should be doing instead is...
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    Photography Course

    In your opinions how beneficial would doing a photography be in order to go pro one day etc Im 18 and finished school last year, currently just working full time at the moment, but I feel i need to study somthing (I didnt get uni entrance so i cant even go to uni) But i found this course -...
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    Fisheye Filter

    Okay do these exist? I was under the impression these did? like a filter you stick on the end of some wide angle and voila! you have a fisheye (obviously not as legit as the actual fish eye lense) but im looking at a trip to the snow and have been looking into what lenses they use, and alot are...
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    QQ Your opinions on this lens?

    28-300mm F3.5-6.3 DG Macro - Standard Zoom Lenses - Ive never looked into Sigma lenses before but do you think this would be any good for equestrian? I like what a big focal range it has. Your thoughts?
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    This might be an awfully obvious question but bare with me...

    ... Im extremely over tired. :er: Can you get adaptors for a sony lens to work on a Nikon body? I want to use my Sony 18-55 on my Nikon body. I thought you could pick up adaptors to do this simply, but having a look on Trade me i cant seem to find anything? And like eBay - If its not there it...
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    Asked to do another wedding :/ Help

    Okay i did want to decline to be quite honest, but no im going bite the bullet, splash out, upgrade my gear and really try. (Again im going it for nothing, just experiance) Currently have a Sony entry level and two kit lenses - 75-300mm and 18-70mm. The last wedding I borrowed an addictional...
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    Photo editing programs

    Well I lost the editing program i used as i have a new computer - Microsoft photo premium 10. And ive looked all over the internet for it and cant find it anywhere (i guess ill have to buy it) Is there any free ones that are good? I cant understand GIMP for the life of me, So damn hard to use...