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  1. BillM

    ISS Passing By

    Great shot, I watch the ISS go by every chance I get. Like tonight :) Date Visible Max Height* Appears Disappears Thu Jun 4, 9:06 PM 4 min 21° 14° above W 10° above S
  2. BillM

    Weekly challenge 5/30 - 6/5 Color Theory

    My dog ate my homework :(
  3. BillM


    Great shots !!!!
  4. BillM

    Nikon D6 Let Me Down

    So far so good, I think this is the first Nikon where I was able to get the 3D tracking working and it worked well right out of the box. Love the custom focus groups, they put out a pdf just on suggested setups for sports. I'll give that a read tonight. So far just some shots around the bird...
  5. BillM

    Little league is better...

    I believe that says ISO 10K not 100K. And I think it looks more than acceptable. If this keep going i'm going to paint numbers on my dogs and take pics of them running around the yard and call it a sport :)
  6. BillM

    Nikon D6 Let Me Down

    For me it just comes down to good auto focus, especially in low light, and durability. I've had my 4s since September of 2014 and have over 200,000 shots on it. Now the 4s will be on my left hip while the 6 will be the main camera. That will make the 3s the spare for the spare. While bodies...
  7. BillM

    Nikon D6 Let Me Down

    Well said Derrel. They want photos no longer than 10 inches (long edge) and 170 DPI and they want them before the game is over. I HATE editing at halftime but you get used to it after awhile. I did miss a second half kickoff return for a TD once because I couldn't get a good wi-fi connection lol...
  8. BillM

    Weekly challenge 5/23 - 5/29 DOF

    Not the busiest of backgrounds but it does fit the theme
  9. BillM

    I want to fly like an eagle ...

    ... or in this guys case fly away from one. Once the bald eagles swooped down out of their tree everyone took off lol
  10. BillM

    M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

    I bet you could get a pic of Marvin the Martian with that thing !!!!! :headbang::headbang::headbang:
  11. BillM

    M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

    I like it :)
  12. BillM

    Nikon D850 advice needed (wife approval imminent!!!!)

    Lots of great advice already and I'd seriously consider saving some money by buying used from one of the well respected online sellers like Adorama or B&H. From what you stated you typically shoot I'd look for a good deal on a used 800, 810 or 850 and also a used Nikon 24-70. B&H has used...
  13. BillM

    moon over USA

    Nice shot Mike, I was waiting for it to rise and got hungry and went home lol In all fairness I had just cooked these ;)
  14. BillM

    Post your BEST 3 of March 2020!

    Before the school and sports season was shut down. State Semi Final and Final game at Boston Garden (we won :) ) and the dress rehearsal for Mama Mia, the play was cancelled a few hours before the first performance.
  15. BillM

    worked with Flash tody

    Nice set Mike, but am I the only one wondering why a man your age has those action figures to begin with lol
  16. BillM

    Dropped my camera, aperture gone? Help please

    Well look on the bright side, I dropped my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 and broke it. So at least you're not me :(
  17. BillM

    Tiger Framed

    You have the hard part all sorted out, the post processing is easy compared to facing down a tiger lol
  18. BillM


    Thanks, I should have added that it was Sami's 10th Birthday party. She and her bother Hugo got cake :) Sami's piece never stood a chance, it was gone in 2 seconds lol