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  1. ceeboy14

    Smoke Break

  2. ceeboy14

    Sequence of the Great White Snagging the Dragonfly, Comments Always Appreciated

    Scoping out the area Zeroing In Ready, Aim... Fire! Maneuvering for the swallow Cou'p De Etat Down the Hatch
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    Tastes Just Like Chicken C&C, Please

    Even though I've witnessed this scene many times, this is the first time I've been able to focus lock on the whole series of a Great White Egret stalking, capturing and eating dragonflies. They are amazingly stealthy and fast; OMG are they fast. At 1/6000 I still couldn't get a clean "at point"...
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    One Way or the Other, I'm Gonna Gitcha, Gitcha, Gitcha

    Note the water spider under the dragonflies.
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    Careful out there kiddos.

    It's a great ad campaign for wearing boots in the boonies...really for that matter, anywhere. It only takes one doing what this one did or the moccasin I shot last week to convince you flip flops or tennis shoes aren't going to stop a snake. Do be careful, boys and girls.
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    Morning Storm CC please

    Bump. Would love some more feedback on this shot.
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    The moon behind clouds

    Funny, I was about to post one almost identical to Mike's. I call mine "Arrrrroooooo" (I'll likely do a B&W conversion.)
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    or, Birds in Flight, or whatever...sometimes a title simply escapes me
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    Green Heron

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    Morning Storm CC please

    ISO 400, f/11 17 seconds
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    Morning Storm CC please

  12. ceeboy14

    Nikon D800 Body Only

  13. ceeboy14

    Nikon D800 Body Only

    I've edited the post but asking $1850.00
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    Nikon D800 Body Only

    28,000 +/- shutter actuations. One scratch across the top of the top panel menu box (but it is on a glass insert I put on (there is also one on the back LCD panel to protect it from scratches. the original panels are as they were when the camera came out of the box). Pretty much immaculate...
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    Very First Time Birding, please CC?

    I might be tempted to go a little deeper in DoF as on the bottom shot, it is just staring to go oof at the tail. Good bokeh and the lens seems to have decent clarity.
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    Bayou Sunrise

    Close. I bumped the contrast up a bit to get a better rendition of light coming through the trees, and opened up the shadows a tad with a warm tones bump there as well, but less than a 10% overall bump in contrast or saturation.
  17. ceeboy14

    Tricolor Heron Having a Snack

    I have a zillion of them in color and wondered how one might look in B&W but I had to shoot just the right light to get all the colors to stand off the BG. Some of it was due to brilliant shooting (LOL),, some to Photoshop. Most was due to understanding how to create good tonal reaches - how far...
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    Bayou Sunrise