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  1. Tight Knot

    FlashStock Experience

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Flashstock? Their terms and conditions scare me (although they may be normal in the industry, I don't know). Looking for any feedback to see whether it's worthwhile trying them out. Thanks in advance, Boruch Len
  2. Tight Knot

    Photographers agent

    Hi all, I recently moved to Boca Raton FL, and am trying to get my photography business started here. I do mostly commercial and industrial photography, but seem to be hitting a brick wall without having any personal contacts. I am contemplating hiring an agent, but having never done this...
  3. Tight Knot

    New computer build.

    Hello everyone, I guess the inevitable happened and my computer is on its last legs. I am looking at buying a new computer that is not top of the line, but also not bottom of the line. I typically work on photographs of one-and-a-half to two gigabytes per image, sometimes with up to 15 or 20...
  4. Tight Knot

    MLS affiliate status

    Hello everyone. Question for those who have affiliate membership in organizations like MLS, both residential and commercial. I am thinking about joining them here in Boca Raton, Florida and am wondering if the cost is worthwhile. The residential costs about $150 p/y and the commercial about...
  5. Tight Knot

    Severe calibration issues. HELP!! Long post, sorry.

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend. I know I shouldn't be using a laptop to edit my images. However, this is what I have, and therefore this is what I have been using. I am currently using an ASUS N550JK w/windows 10 (about 2 1/2 years old), and until recently thought it was...
  6. Tight Knot

    Looooong road trip

    Hi everyone, I will be shooting 4 facilities in Oklahoma and Texas next week, and will be driving from South Bend Indiana through OK to El Paso Texas, and then on to Florida. I will have one evening in El Paso to get out and shoot some landscapes. I've always wanted to shoot some desert/mesa...
  7. Tight Knot

    According to Vogue: Brides should say "I don't" to professional wedding photography

    This is Why You Hire a Pro Wedding Photographer
  8. Tight Knot

    Greetings. Cards. Greeting cards. Oh, and C&C.

    Hi everyone, Looking for some feedback on a few greeting cards I'm working on. I would love to hear your feedback. The horse ones are for sympathy cards (any other uses you can think of?) and th4e rest, well, I believe they're self explanatory :allteeth:.
  9. Tight Knot

    Help with pricing on licensing images from Ireland

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Life has been exceptionally hectic lately, and I haven't had a chance to log in for a while, but don't think I've forgotten you all :1219: (no such luck :586:). I was in Ireland a few months ago for eye surgery, and while there I was lucky enough...
  10. Tight Knot

    Birds anyone?

    Hi all, Hoping to get some information on bird types, and a flower. I was in Ireland for eye surgery recently (again) and took a few photos of some birds and a flower, and was hoping to find out what they were. So, if anyone is familiar with Irish birds please let me know. These were taken in...
  11. Tight Knot

    My second drone video for C&C

    Hi all, Here is my second drone video up for review. I know it's too long, but would love critique anyway. Thanks all, Bruce. Shot with a DJI Inspire 1.
  12. Tight Knot

    How do I do this? Rant!! Rave!! Fuss!! Fume!!

    Hi all, I did a shoot for a family the other day, and I'm trying to make a realistic reflection of the kids as if they're standing on a shiny floor. Here is the image before I get the reflection correct. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have this image on 3 separate layers. The main...
  13. Tight Knot

    Another bench for C&C

    Hi all, Here is another bench from the same shoot the other day. I shot a newly married couple, and just liked these benches. What do you think? 1. 2.
  14. Tight Knot

    Can't see the forest for the trees. Looking for some C&C

    Hi all, Here are a few versions of the same image. I would love to hear which you prefer, and why. Thanks all.
  15. Tight Knot

    Not too sure about this one.

    Ho all, Here is an image I shot recently and converted to B&W. I like it, but don't. And can't seem to put my finger on it. I would love to hear your opinions and critique, and REASONS for either liking or disliking the image. Thanks in advance.
  16. Tight Knot

    Hoping for some bird identification

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me identifying these birds. They were all taken in a natural reserve in Indiana. Thanks so much in advance.
  17. Tight Knot

    Looking for a good cloud storage solution

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good cloud storage solution that will allow me to backup my computer and a few different external drives. I want to keep as much saved in the cloud as possible, without it being deleted if I delete a file or folder from either my computer (where I keep all my current...
  18. Tight Knot

    Stop mooning me!!

    Hi all, I'm not sure which area to place this question, so if it's in the wrong place, please move it, and let me know where. I would like to take this image, and make it into a circle or half circle, so the moons all travel in a circle (or half circle). The question is "How"? Any Photoshop...
  19. Tight Knot

    Bad case of tunnel vision

    Hi all, Here are a few edits of the same image I shot while out a few weeks ago, and was looking for some feedback on which one/s you preferred AND WHY (the latter is very important to me). Looking forward to hearing from everyone. 1 2 3 4
  20. Tight Knot

    How would you recommend I handle this?

    Hi all, I received an email this afternoon by someone who has seen my photos (licensed to an organization that does specific types of outreach work that I endorse) and is interested in licensing a number of my images (no clue how many, we haven't gotten that far yet) for postcards that she...