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  1. TarterTurtle

    Some kind of moth, and also wanting advice on macro photography

    I went to a camera store in Asheville NC and when I saw macro bellows I couldn’t not get them. I’ve wanted to get into macro but my 3D printed extensions tubes are a bit crude. I took this with a Vivitar 80-200 lens, I think I used 100mm, I don’t remember the settings I used because the bellows...
  2. TarterTurtle

    Airport Workers

    I am currently on my way to Asheville, North Caroline, Because of a 4 hour layover in Washington DC, I decided to walk around the terminal and try my hand at candid photography, using the hip method. Normally when I try to do this I shoot portrait, but for whatever reason when I saw these guys I...
  3. TarterTurtle

    Craziest film stock you've seen

    As the title states, I am wondering what the craziest film stock you have seen/owned/heard of is. From my great great grandfather I have something called XR Extended Range Film, Expired May 02 1969. Until recently I had no clue whatsoever what this film was, just that it was old, and probably...
  4. TarterTurtle

    Advice on how to shoot the remainder of this film!

    Hello! I have several rolls of Kodak Vericolor 400 120 size. I shot two rolls on my Yashica A using sunny 16, which is what I always use on that camera and have had good results. All of the rolls that I exposed had very low contrast when I got the scans back from the lab. I was wondering if...
  5. TarterTurtle

    Re-Introducing myself because I have not been active in a long time!

    Hello All! My Name is Nathan, A few years back, I found this forum and the people here really jumpstarted my photography journey. I think I was 13 years old and the kindest person I haven't met gifted me my first camera, a Pentax K1000. Sense then I have taken thousands of photographs...
  6. TarterTurtle

    Vivitar 3500 flash with DM/N2 module on Pentax K1000

    Hi All, I found a Vivitar Zoom Thyristor 3500 in our attic a while back, and I haven’t gotten around to using. The flash has a DM/N2 module which I know is for Nikon, but my dad thought that it might work on my K1000 cause it’s a fully manual camera. And doesn’t have any smarts. So I put the...
  7. TarterTurtle

    Yashica Electro 35 Shutter Problems

    Hi, I recently I purchased a Yashica Electro 35 for 15$ on Facebook Marketplace, I thought, hey, if it works, great!, if it doesn't work, Ive wanted to try camera repair, and its only 15$ plus shipping, So i got it, and the shutter didnt fire. Me and my dad took it apart, and found several...
  8. TarterTurtle

    Recommendations For Budget Medium Format Camera

    Hi all, I've been shooting 35mm film on my k1000 for around 9 months now, and I want to try medium format, but I don't want to spent too much money on a new camera. Since I have a job now, I have more of a budget. I want something below 200 dollars. Preferably closer to 100, will that be...
  9. TarterTurtle

    Suggestions on DSLR scanning

    Hi, I've developed a couple of rolls, and I am trying to digitize them, Ive been using a Nikon D60 with an older (Film Era) Vivitar 80-200 Macro Zoom lens, in Macro of course. but my "scans" are not coming out as intended My setup is kind of makeshift, I am using a goose neck desk lamp that...
  10. TarterTurtle

    Dent in the filter ring

    Hi all, sorry for the second thread, but I have a bit of a problem, I bike with my camera ALOT, so I guess this was bound to happen, and I'm lucky it wasn't worse, but I recently fell of my bike.. at a very high speed, my camera bag was on the handlebars, and it flew off when I fell of, when it...
  11. TarterTurtle

    Caffinol produced underexposed negatives

    Hi all, I decided to try caffinol a couple of days ago, and when I finished development, they came out underexposed, I did everything exactly as the recipe said, and after I saw that they were underexposed, I checked the iso on the camera and it was set correctly, so Im not sure where I went...
  12. TarterTurtle

    Help scanning overexposed negetives

    Hi, So i was developing my first 2 rolls of film, but, cause I sometimes act before i think. opened the tank after putting the developer in, before the stop bath. I fortunately realized what i did fast enough, but some damage had been done. the negatives were very dark but i managed to get an...
  13. TarterTurtle

    What chemicals to get?

    Hi, I recently got a developing tank from one of my dad's co-workers and am wondering what chemicals to get. The cheapest at freestylephoto is Arista but I don't know if it's any good. I was considering using Caffinol but decided not to because I am new to this and want to start simple. So...
  14. TarterTurtle


    This is Taro, he is a horse at a farm that I volunteer at. Taken with a Moto G6 in portrait mode
  15. TarterTurtle

    Where to get used camera lenses.

    Hi, I recently got a Pentax K1000 (Thanks RowdyRay) and I was looking for a used zoom lens, I heard that when you buy lenses online there might be fungus in it, and I don't want to buy a lens to just to find out that it is full of fungus. So my question is are there any places online where I...
  16. TarterTurtle

    Is it really that hard to develop c-41

    Hi guys, I am thinking ahead to when I will need to get my film developed, and I am thinking about doing it at home, but I heard that c-41 is kind of hard to do at home because of the temperature control, and I was wondering if it really is that hard, and if it would be recommended to do it at...
  17. TarterTurtle

    Help convincing parents to let me do film photography

    Hi guys, I am in a bit of a predicament right now, I recently got a Konica Autoreflex TC from my grandfather but the shutter fires when winding the film, I posted about this earlier and people said that I had to bring it in to a professional to get it fixed. Because I am only 14 years old, it's...
  18. TarterTurtle

    Shutter fires when winding film

    Hi guys, I recently got a Konica Autoreflex TC from my grandfather but the shutter fires when I wind the film, I am new to film photography and don't know much about it yet so if this is a common problem sorry. Here is a video of the problem