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  1. Vautrin

    Web Designer(¿s?) Stole Photo

    So 6-7 years ago I got my first digital camera, and while most of my old stuff was garbage, there was one photo (a stitched together panorama) that I took that ended up looking AMAZING. I just was in the right place, at the right time, at the right angle. Sometime in June, I was advising a...
  2. Vautrin

    Sending Undeveloped Film Internationally

    So kind of a funny question. I live in Europe but am moving back to the US and I'm wondering what to do with all my film. If I put it in the post back to my new address, will anything bad happen? I've got 100+ rolls that I figure it's worth saving and shooting at some point, but I don't want...
  3. Vautrin

    Creating a Giant Wall Sized Collage

    Hi, So, bored last weekend, I went through a few years of photos. And, found a couple hundred photos that really represented highlights of the past year. Get togethers with friends, candids, real "do you remember" kind of shots I thought it would be awesome to put these into a poster sized...
  4. Vautrin

    What is beauty? "Hollywood Eyes"

    So I was bored and looking at random photoshop tutorials and came across one called hollywood eyes. You increase size of the eyes to 105%. You decrease the size of the nose from 90% to 95% So I figured I'd try it out, and was wondering, is one really more beautiful than the other? Sorry...
  5. Vautrin

    16 bit (or more) RAW files?

    So I've got a question that's I've been wondering at. Most computers and electronic devices use bytes. You have an 8 bit processor, a 16 bit processor, a 32 bit processor. But never a 14 bit processor Cameras however, tend to be 12 or 14 bit. My Nikon D700 uses 12 bit raw files, unless I...
  6. Vautrin

    for c&c -- torn about shot

    Hey, So I'm a little torn about the below shot. On the one hand, it's obviously very candid -- the girl who I was shooting let her guard down and gave a very real smile, and it's great with the snow On the downside, her eyes are closed.... So I'm a little torn as to whether or not this is a...
  7. Vautrin

    Creative Cloud vs. CS

    Anyone using Creative Cloud instead of just outright buying CS? Why? I'm about to take the jump and buy CS6. Creative Cloud seems nice for the first year, but I guess in another year I'll have paid more than just outright buying photoshop CS6, and I'm guessing I won't need to upgrade to CS7...
  8. Vautrin

    Getting flash to fire in commander mode

    This is probably a ridiculously simple question. I have a nikon d700, and an SB-700 -- set in commander mode. I did a modeling shoot set up like this: So there's a "triangle" with the model in the center From the left I have my SB700 set to TTL On the right I'm shooting with my camera, my...
  9. Vautrin


    Photokina had a link on their facebook that made me very sad. Basically, they looked at all the great "photos of the year" and did analysis of the EXIF data. While it's in german, I'm sure many of you will share my sadness when you see this graph, which is not in german...
  10. Vautrin

    Is there anything sexier...

    ...than a beautiful girl holding a beautiful camera?
  11. Vautrin

    For C&C -- Model Headshot

    Here you go... What do you think?
  12. Vautrin

    Color Management Macbook Pro

    So I just bought a macbook pro. And while Im ridiculously happy with i in general with it but im concerned with color management. A couple of questions: What brightness should i set my screen to? Plugged in it defaults to brighter than not plugged in, which is worrying as itll change the...
  13. Vautrin

    "self help" -- for C&C

    done for a friend's "self help" seminar flyers. would love any suggestions on how to make this better (or copycats) :wink:: This was REALLY easy: 1. Take 2 photos with same background 2. Photomerge photos 3. Select sitting chris from bottom photo and copy as layer into top photo 4...
  14. Vautrin

    Getting rid of Reflection in eyes

    So I've noticed my softboxes tend to reflect off of someones eyes, creating a shine. Is it possible to get rid of this without using photoshop? Maybe using a polarizer or something?
  15. Vautrin

    Non-Nikon lenses for Nikon

    So I recently bought a Zeiss 28mm f. 2.8 for my Nikon D700, and I LOVE it. Really really amazing lens... Below is a sample shot. It's not the best shot I've ever taken but I'd had the lens for about an hour at that point :) So I got to wondering about "non-nikon" lenses. Not bargain...
  16. Vautrin

    Zeiss 25mm f 2.8 or 28mm f 2.0

    Difference is 3 mm 1 stop max apereture and $200 Which one?
  17. Vautrin

    105mm DC (or 135mm)

    Hi everyone... I've been fascinated by defocus control, and am seriously thinking of taking the jump to either the 105mm or 135mm DC lens. I shoot full frame, with a D700, and will be using it to shoot models in a studio (and out of studio)... It will replace my sigma 50mm, which I love, but...
  18. Vautrin

    Do you convert all your raw files to DNG?

    Do you convert all your raw files to DNG? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  19. Vautrin

    Model Abuse

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to bring your attention today to a very serious topic: the abuse of models. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to shoot a nude model. I was quite happy about the opportunity and think I got some great pictures. Unfortunately the photographer who, erm...
  20. Vautrin

    Photoshopping Background for correct exposure

    Hi, I've made the mistake of buying a fabric background instead of paper or something thicker and heavier. You can see the problem I have in the below photos: In the image on the left, the model is well exposed... The problem is the background is distracting... It has this distracting...