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  1. Stratman

    Pentax screw mount #4

    Picked up this nice ES II body on ebay last week, ran a roll through it Sunday, and all seems well... Also picked up a Spotmatic SP II at Goodwill, with three lenses, SMC Takumar 55 1.8, S-M-C Takumar 35mm F3.5, and a Sears 55-135 zoom in M42 mount, total price...$30.00 One last goodwill...
  2. Stratman

    Received my Asahi Pentax S1a today !!

    It's in great condition, except for a small gouge on top of the camera from the slip on flash shoe. Ran a roll of Kodak gold 200 through it tonight, and besides user error on a few shots, everything seems fine. Tried shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/1000 ( 1/1000 isn't marked, but it's there :lol...
  3. Stratman


    My father has a Canon T1i he wants to sell, and I tried using PhotoME to see the actual shutter count on it, and no go. ( it works on my 2 Pentax dslrs ) I tried both RAW, and JPEG photos, and still no shutter count info. Does anyone here know of a program that will show that info on a Canon?
  4. Stratman

    Great niece, B&W

    This is Sophie, waddya think of this B&W conversion?
  5. Stratman

    St. Louis Supercross

    Went to the Supercross races Saturday night, and made the mistake of taking two manual focus lenses, Super Takumar 28mm f3.5, and a SMC Takumar 200mm f4. Although my keeper rate was rediculously low, I did manage a few decent shots... A shot with the 28mm from our seats.... Panning...
  6. Stratman

    Old barns, and some geese...

    Shot with my K10D, and Super Takumar 35mm f3.5 @ F8., 1/100 ISO 100
  7. Stratman

    Leica shooters

    My father has a Leica R3, and it is in need of repair. The meter is messed up. It will jump all over the place when pointed at a light source. Also, when set on the Auto setting ( aperture priority I believe ) even at F2 in a well lit room, the shutter stays open for 10 seconds or so. I was...
  8. Stratman

    Takumars do the Zoo

    I have recently purchased some old Takumar screw mount lenses for my K10D, and decided to take em to the zoo.. S M C Takumar 200mm f4
  9. Stratman

    My "new" lens...

    Won an auction on eBay for a Super Takumar 55mm f1.8 M42 lens. With shipping, cost was $25.50. So far, it looks to be a steal !! Here are some shots I took with it the day it arrived ( yesterday ). Not too bad for a 40 year old lens :thumbup: Only processing done was cropping, and resizing.
  10. Stratman

    The moon

    I decided to try some moon shots. Used my Vivitar 400 mm f 5.6, and a CPC 2X teleconverter. I am pretty pleased with the results....
  11. Stratman

    A few flower shots..

  12. Stratman

    Busch Stadium 6-1-2008

    Went to the Cards Pirates game Sunday, and managed a few shots... My favorite from the day, my buddy Jeffs shades.. Take your base !! Wide shot..
  13. Stratman

    On the golf course..

    Went golfing Wednesday 5-14-08 And managed a few nice shots with the ole' K110D and RMC Tokina 28MM.
  14. Stratman

    A few from the St. Louis Zoo

    Went to the Zoo Monday 5-12-08...
  15. Stratman

    A walk through the woods..

    Decided to take a little hike at a local park today with my K10D , Kit Lens, and Tamron 70-300 LD Di.
  16. Stratman

    My great niece, Sophie

    Visited my sis' house for Easter Sunday, and got a few decent shots of Sophie, this was the best...
  17. Stratman

    Testing an Old light meter

    Went to a local park today, and wanted to test the accuracy of an old Kalimar Model 80 light meter that my father got at an estate sale. And it seems to work pretty well. All shot in full manual mode, with DA 18-55
  18. Stratman

    Kalimar light meter

    My father has an old Kalimar Model 80 light meter, and it works as far as I can tell, the needle moves when you press the button, heh, I was just wondering if there is a sight where I might find a PDF of the manual for it? I have never used a handheld light meter, and would love to play...
  19. Stratman

    Elephant Rocks State Park, southeast Missouri

    Waited 2 hours for the rain to stop, but it was worth the wait !! 1: Rain 2: my 1st pano using autostitch 5 hand held images stitched together, then cropped in PSE3 3: A view of Ozark hills 4: Millions of years of weather have worn these holes in solid granite..
  20. Stratman

    Hosta bloom

    I thought this one looked really good !