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  1. JayPearson

    Canon 50mm MK1

    I was just wondering if anyone has this lense in particular. I've been talking about getting the 50mm 1.8 for some time now, but im starting to second guess myself on the mark 1 or the mark II. The mark 1 is a little bit more expensive than the mark II and apparently is more durable than the...
  2. JayPearson

    Sensor Cleaning

    I don't have the luxury of just bringing my cmaera to a photography store and was just wondering just how hard cleaning a sensor is. I haven't taken off my lens since i bought it, which has been about 9 months. Even though i haven't been switching back and forth from lens to lens i can still see...
  3. JayPearson

    Lens Hood

    I'm in the process of buying a few new lenses. One of them will be the 50mm f/1.8 and the other will most likely be a tele. I've seen hoods for both lenses that i'm looking at. I was just wondering if you need a hood for certain lenses.
  4. JayPearson


    I found this sweet spot under this bridge and i've been trying to perfect this shot. I just wanted to see what i need to do to get it right. As strange as it seems, i believe the computer i uploaded these photos onto actually automatically edited my photos. When i look at the photo on the...
  5. JayPearson


    This is a Nissan Skyline, i took these photos a while back and in the past couple of days have decided to edit them. Just wanted to see what ohter people think about them, you know how it is when you stare at your own photos for too long..
  6. JayPearson

    Ebay Filters

    I've been looking at some different filters on ebay and was wondering if they're even worth looking at. This one in particular doesn't seem too bad...
  7. JayPearson

    Nifty-Fifty Durability?

    I've been researching the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and i'm very interested in buying one very soon. Looking on amazon i was reading a review on this lens and a guy was saying how, after a few months this lens was completly distroyed and was literally in pieces. I've seen the pictures this lens can...
  8. JayPearson

    Inexpensive Lenses

    I've been shooting pics with my normal, everyday 18-55 mm lens and have been wanting to upgrade with a few different lenses. I mainly want to get a telephoto lens first but anything different would be nice. So i was just wondering if there are any websites where you can buy inexpensive lenses...
  9. JayPearson

    Whatcha think?

    This is a pic i took about six months ago in my friends car. Just trying to experiment with the shutter speed a little bit.