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  1. RVT1K

    Striped (a.k.a Brown) Basilisk

    Or possibly the Common Basilisk, I'm having some trouble trying to find enough info to figure out the difference. No matter the species, they are known for running on their hind legs when startled and can even briefly run across the surface of water.
  2. RVT1K

    The Great Egret

    I've herd of them but I don't think I've even seen one let alone photograph one. It just started showing up and I hope to get lots more shots.
  3. RVT1K

    The elusive Northern Jacana returns

    Very wary and very hard to get close to. Unless I'm in the car!?
  4. RVT1K

    Adolescent Brown Jay

    These are big birds, almost as big as a crow. There have been lots of family groups around with lots of adolescent birds trying to get their parents to keep feeding them. All those yellow bits on the beak and legs will turn dark as the bird matures.
  5. RVT1K

    Jurassic acorn?

    Nope. Not all coconuts make it to maturity before they fall.
  6. RVT1K

    Big Ben gets a guava

    So the neighbor was feeding Big Ben by hand but I got there too late for that shot.
  7. RVT1K

    Flower thief BUSTED

    Caught this guy eating the neighbor's flowers.
  8. RVT1K

    Feasting parrots

    I caught a bunch of them just eating and doing parrot things.
  9. RVT1K

    Male Yellow-Throated Euphonia revisited

    I just like these little guys.
  10. RVT1K

    The neighbor calls him Big Ben

    And at over 5 feet from nose to tail, he is big. But they do get bigger. They start off a very bright green when born and get duller as they grow. The orange gets more and more pronounced as they get bigger. My neighbor has started feeding the iguanas (notice the residue on his "lips"?) and I've...
  11. RVT1K

    Semi-feral stinkeye

    This is semi-feral cat that lives in the area with her two kittens. You can tell she is used to people giving her handouts, she'll let you get close and looks at you but touching is out of the question. The two kittens run away anytime they see anyone. I was walking around looking for birds to...
  12. RVT1K

    Parrots evolving arms!!??

    Is this a result of genetic engineering gone wrong. Is the Parrot Apocalypse nigh?!
  13. RVT1K

    The elusive Northern Jacana

    There is quite a bit of wide open grassy area right around and when it rains, the Northern Jacanas are attracted to the puddles. But they are really wary and very tough to approach on foot. Yet, oddly enough, they are not afraid of the car and don't seem concerned when you drive past. So I...
  14. RVT1K

    Female Yellow-Throated Euphonia

    And here is the Mrs. with a big beak-full of building materials.
  15. RVT1K

    King Zard, Lord of the coconut

    At least he's trying to be. This is the Common Basilisk. Also known as the Jesus Lizard for their ability to briefly run across the surface of water when startled. They will take off and run on their hind legs which is hysterical to watch and a shot I will not rest until I capture!
  16. RVT1K

    Male Yellow-Throated Euphonia

    Another in the long list of new-to-me birds. These are pretty small and remind me of Goldfinches especially the females.
  17. RVT1K

    The Brown Jay

    This is yet another new-to-me bird. They are pretty big, not quite crow-sized. I took a liking to them, they just seem like big oafs and were not aggressive at all. It was the other birds like the local Tropical Mockingbirds would take great exception to them being around with lots of squawking...
  18. RVT1K

    Chillin' Great Kiskadee

    One of the most common birds here.
  19. RVT1K

    Bathing beauty...

    ...or perhaps not. You be the judge.
  20. RVT1K

    Masked Tityra

    It seems like every time I step outside I see a new bird. This is a male.