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  1. emdiemci

    Candid of Bike Ride (Old Man)

    Man on Bike by darylcastro, on Flickr This was on my drive home today from the car. Besides the pole right smack in the middle what do you guys think about this quick snap. Something about this picture keeps making me go back to it.
  2. emdiemci

    Marco Island Hotel View. C&C and help on improving this shot.

    Here I have this shot from the hotel balcony in Marco Island. Now right off the bat I'm not great at landscapes due to living in a city or at least that's the excuse I give myself. In this type of picture I had a real tough time deciding where to focus. Where would you have focused on a shot...
  3. emdiemci

    Eye Cup Vs. Eye Extender

    I'm finding it difficult on my eye when I go shooting for long periods of time. I am not too good at just closing one eye, so my eye and forehead hurts from squinting and eye gets wattery. So the question is, does anyone use eye cupor or Extender? Please share the pros and cons of either if...
  4. emdiemci

    Now to my hobby

    Hello everyone! Looking forward to meet some new people and learn as much as I can on photography. Just recently finished school so now time isn't going to be an issue to go shooting around with my little S100 which I truly love. Well enough about me, time to go use that search bar! :wink: