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    When the sun exploded

    I like the second one best. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Mint Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Canon mount

    price drop to a smooth 400usd tyd
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    FS: Mint Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Canon mount

    I have a nearly new 10-17mm tokina fisheye. Was used a few times on my 40d. In box with original wrapper and warranty cards, and both caps. No scratches, dings, or blemishes of any kind. 425 usd shipped tyd you can phone me at 903-742-9406 email at firemedic0135-at-yahoo-dot-com
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    FS: Tokina AT-X 107 DX 10-17mm Fisheye

    Nearly Brand new Fisheye with the original box and wrapper. Used a few times. Sold my 40d and no longer need this lens. Lens is mint with no scratches or blemishes. 903-742-9406 or pm.
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    The reason

    asks me for a username and password to view thread mike??
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    Fs: Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 hsm

    ooops lol its a canon mount. Thanks for the heads up :thumbup:
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    Fs: Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 hsm

    Only 2 months old. Like new with bag,tripod ring,hood,and uv filter. 650$ to your door Canon mount!!
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    The old bus...(finally!!!)

    here is kinda what I am talking about. I selected certain areas and made level adjustments to make the details kinda pop. I then sharpened (mabye too much) but it should give you an idea of what I was talking about.
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    The old bus...(finally!!!)

    Agreed. I was moving my monitor around trying to make it better. Its not horrible, just too much for me. The others seem a bit flat, but well composed for what I think your going for there.Mabye pull the highlights down in P/P, or turn up the shadows? The car could be cloned out in #3 to avoid...
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    More from the Mennonite village

    That is what I like about them.I like a soft frame every now and then. Not every picture has to be razor sharp, and this is one of them IMO. #2 is definantly my favorite of all of them.It looks as old.
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    The New Pentagon 9/11 Memorial... (10 Images)

    Ah I see, Thanks for the information.
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    Coffee with grandad

    That will be a very nice frame for the two of them to enjoy.
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    Some more semi-abstracts

    nice DOF with this set. I like #3 the best.
  14. firemedic0135

    The New Pentagon 9/11 Memorial... (10 Images)

    for my taste they are way to saturated and the highlights look as if they have been cranked up to high. What are those diving board looking objects?
  15. firemedic0135

    Fire It Up / Machine Gun

    Hope he has a bag of cheeto's and a case of yoohoo's handy
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    Slideshow Music for a Redneck Wedding

    I have done that!!!!!!!!!!!!:lmao: didnt put it on youtube but did make a nice picture of my friend with a fake wang in his hand. Was some seriously funny stuff to. I see yalls side, but seriously doubt that any band would care if you included their music into your slideshow. Now where is...
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    Slideshow Music for a Redneck Wedding

    Why the hell ayone would want my pictures is beyond me, but I would be flattered for someone to think that highly of them or my so called attempts at photography. :lol: Yes using my pictures in a slide show would not bother me at all. why would I care. I dont care if you make a big sackfull of...
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    Slideshow Music for a Redneck Wedding

    <<<<< Is about as close to redneck as you can get, without the rebel flag on my car but is tattooed on my body somewhere lol. How about David Allen Coe-"if that aint country" not rock but every redneck loves that one Another great song from DAC is "would you lay with me" a nice country love...
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    Shooting the Stag...

    Nice pics. I always enjoy shooting those clay pigeons. We go out to the woods when we get a chance and go nuts. I like the first picture the best. the thid is outa focus or the shutter is too slow(I see two hulls in the air and another loading/ejecting not sure) but Im sure you know that,mabye...
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    Convoi Exceptionel