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  1. dearlybeloved

    D810 fEE error with 50 1.8 d type lens.

    before you eve suggestion saying to turn the lens to the smallest aperture (f22) and lock it, i have already done this multiple times with no remedy. Also, I have wiggled it, turned it on and off, took out the battery, checked firmware and all that. so im wondering if theres something in the...
  2. dearlybeloved

    [S] Fuji X100s

    I have a fuji x100s that i'm selling. Its got 7300 clicks and has been recently serviced and brought to spec by Fuji to sell. I'm think $850 shipped is a fair price.
  3. dearlybeloved

    Selling some Nikon, Olympus M4/3, Gary Fong, Canon, Hoya stuff

    I dug through my pile of extra stuff and I'm trying to purchase a Paul Buff Einstein (or 2). if you have one you want to trade, then lets make a deal. I'm not interested in the Alienbees though. Every price includes shipping but you can either pay the fees or gift them. I've been on this board...
  4. dearlybeloved

    [B] Looking for a 4x5 set up

    I'm looking to get into 4x5 format film and wanting to get a budget friendly setup that I can purchase and just shoot after it comes in the mail. I don't know entirely too much except that I want to use it for scenes that I'll be creating from my head and need the detail that a 35mm sensor cant...
  5. dearlybeloved

    Converted to Wordpress from Square Space. C&C

    I had a Square Space site before this and one of The Photo Forum users reached out and helped me go to Wordpress. He got it hosted and showed me how to use it so I want to say thanks to IronMaskDuval and get some feedback on the updated site. Please let me know what you think about the...
  6. dearlybeloved

    [S] Olympus 25mm 1.8 and Olympus 45mm 1.8 for Micro 4/3

    I have both in great condition with hoods, boxes and UV filters. The 25mm has a little scuff on the barrel from when I packed it next to another lens but has no other visible wear. I've had these for lest than six month but just sold my OMD EM1 and 17mm 1.8. $325 each other $600 for both. I'll...
  7. dearlybeloved

    [FS] Olympus OM-D E-M1 with 3 M.Zuikos Prime Lenses

    I've bought a Fuji X100s recently and I want to consolidate my kit as well as fund a trip I'm going on next year. It's in great condition and has low shutter use. I have a 17mm 1.8, 25mm 1.8, and a 45mm 1.8 along with hoods and 3 spare batteries not including the one it came with. The only...
  8. dearlybeloved

    Looking for best printing lab for professional looking black&white and color prints

    Hey guys! I'm doing a show to raise money for an organization and will be printing and selling framed black&white and color prints. I want my prints to look professional and have the deep blacks and wide tonal range without breaking the bank. I will be framing with modern black squared off...
  9. dearlybeloved

    FS/FT: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with Olympus 17mm 1.8, 25mm 1.8 and 45mm 1.8.

    Hey guys, I've come to the point where I want to sell my micro four thirds set up. It's not because I hate it though. Its a great system but I'm going all Fuji and want to get the Fuji XT1. I will trade this system for a Fuji Xt1 and thats it, so no other trade offers please. I have all the...
  10. dearlybeloved

    I'm considering a trade for my Nikon Set up for a medium format bundle.

    I'm just testing the waters and seeing if anyone is interested in what I've got to offer. I'm not looking to sell, but trade for a decent digital medium format rig. I'm interested in phase one, pentax, mamiya, but let me know what you have if you're looking to switch. My Gear Nikon D800e + 3...
  11. dearlybeloved

    Going to New Orleans Jazzfest Tomorrow.

    I'm leaving tomorrow for Jazzfest and was wondering if anyone else is going? I was wondering if I could get some insight on what kind of rules they have for cameras. I was planning on bringing a nikon d800 with a 28mm 1.8, 24-70 2.8 and a 70-20 2.8. thoughts?
  12. dearlybeloved

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some feedback on my website. Thoughts?

    I just started putting things on it and I'm still not done, so bare with me. I just wanted to get some feedback on what you guys thought and see what could be done better. It's mainly portraits and photographs I've taken while wandering the streets. Thanks Dave David Aaron Photography
  13. dearlybeloved

    FS or FT: Olympus 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 ED M.Zuiko EZ Micro 4/3 Lens

    I've got one brand new l'd trade for a MFT prime. I just want want to use zooms with this camera and prefer to stick with the fixed focal lengths. If anyone is interested in it to buy, trade or wants pictures then just let me know and I'll post them. It's in mint shape and comes in the box. I...
  14. dearlybeloved

    Another VS thread

    Okay, I'm looking at either the Olympus OMD EM1 or the Fuji x100s. I dont really mind having a fixed lens because I'm looking for something small and compact that will make taking pictures more fun. Right now I have D800e and it's just too much to whip out when I want to just take some pictures...
  15. dearlybeloved

    FS: Nikon Lenses, D800 Grip and Cotton Carrier

    I'm looking to purchase an Olympus om-d e-m1 so I need to get rid of a few things. Alternatively, If you have one you want to trade then let me know and im sure we can work something out. Items are in LIKE NEW condition and have been babied and stored safely. Nikon 16-35 f/4g -$1100 Nikon 85...
  16. dearlybeloved

    MB-D12 Battery Grip for D800

    I don't really use it and could use the money for other things. I'm the original owner and have used it maybe a handful of times. I have the original box, AA battery pack and warranty card. $310 Shipped Paypal only. Possible trades.
  17. dearlybeloved

    Infrared Photography Questions

    Hey guys, I've been toying with IR for a few days and trying to figure out what settings work best for the best results and I'm wondering about cameras now. I have access to a few different cameras but was wondering if someone could provide me some insight on what camera will have the best...
  18. dearlybeloved

    C&C On some infrared landscapes

    First off, this is my first time trying infrared and just looking for some feedback on how to edit them and get a better tonal range. I'd like to figure out how to get blue skys and like a warm pink tint in the foliage. Let's hear it though, what can I do different? What are some better ways...
  19. dearlybeloved

    Benefits of being a supporting vendor

    I work at a local camera shop and we're working on a website to sell gear, art, prints and all the like. I was talking to my boss about becoming a supporting vendor for TPF and was wondering if anyone has used them and what the benefits are to being one. We are hoping to become a bigger name in...
  20. dearlybeloved

    Just wanted to share my 365.

    I'm a little over 3 weeks in and have been posting to tumblr with my photos. I dont necessarily get them up on time every day because my work limits me but I do try and get it right. Feel free to offer any advice or tips regarding 365s and even a better place to host it since I don't think...