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    Quest for a good Photo Manager

    ###Introduction Currently using Apple Aperture. Need a replacement. I've been thinking a lot about photo management. I'm starting to avoid the word 'DAM' as it increasingly refers to industrial sized software costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So let's look at what I mean by...
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    What is the best way to get into macro shooting?

    The closeup diopter lenses/filters are a good starter. Use them well stopped down. f/11 or smaller. Don't stack more than 2. The second step is a decent tripod. You will be amazed at what you can do if you don't have to keep the camera from moving. Look for features that allow you to get...
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    TPF Challenge - Novemberr -Still Life - Entries and Voting

    I'm but a newbie on this forum. But remember, it's an artistic interpretation of the topic. 1. Water feature: Certainly there is no motion apparent. The ghost feature of the person on the middle is sitting still. So, Life + still. Interesting but didn't shake my soul. 2. Hands. Very...
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    Still shocked about the Sigma 150-500 and the D7100

    Oh good. It's only 163% better (rounding) instead of 163 TIMES better.. Those bird feathers were crisp enough that I figured I'd bleed if I touched one. Awesome.
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    GPS & WIFI on Cameras

    I like the idea: WiFi Most people are looking at this as a way of getting pics OFF the camera. I see it as an opportunity to OPERATE the camera. In principle it means that I don't have a tether to the camera. If the API for the camera is available, then applications can control the camera...