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    Hi everyone. I haven't visited here in a long time so I thought I could stop by. I figured that the best way to start posting again is to share a photo. :) So here goes, my cat Koda:
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    My latest drawing :)

    I haven't taken photos so much lately, but here is a drawing. :) Guess who? :D
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    By The Beach In Sweden

    These are from Sweden from an island called Öland.
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    Abonded and alone

    This is one shot of the serie I did today. :)
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    My Sin City :)

    By the railway station...
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    Street Clock

    Another one from my trip. This is from a lovely little town. :)
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    Two Swedish Castles

    These are from my trip in Sweden :heart: Castle in Öland: Castle in Visingsö: The second one became even more darker when I resized it to smaller. :(
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    Snownose :)

    Nothing special.. I just find this very cute. :oops: :D When snow comes Sandy likes to walk around as a snownose for a while. :lol: She loves snow...she also loves to jump around in high hills and sometimes stick her head inside of all the white. :D Catching snowballs is also her favorite...
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    Sharbat Gula

    Well, since you are all photographers I think some might recognize her. :) My version of the famous shot. :) Though, I think I'll still play with it when I have time... :P
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    Remembering our passed loved ones.

    Yesterday we had this day when we visit on our loved ones who are no longer with us. The cemetery looks like a huge candle sea. :) Tried to take some photos, but it was my first time try to picture in the dark, so with a dark screen you barely see anything in these. :P And really...
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    Some drawings..

    I love drawing and especially to draw faces. :) Everytime I learn something new and I guess thats what makes it interesting for me. Here is few from some time ago.. :)
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    Heya :)

    Im new in photography and thought this might be a good place to learn. Seems like a nice and friendly community so here I am saying hi to you all.