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    C&C On a photo before I enter it in a contest

    I love the colors, very nice.
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    Weekend excursion to Niagara Falls C+C Please

    I really like number 4. The silkiness of the water is almost like looking into a dream or something. Lol if that makes sense.
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    I can see clearly now...

    Mac is where its at :)
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    I'm a Pro

    Awesome, congrats.
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    Winter adventure C&C if you like

    I really like #1, I really like when a picture can tell you a story.
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    Sunday 1/22 Whatsit?

    Wow, that's a hard one. I have absolutely no idea.
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    One for CC Please!

    I kind of like the contrast on it as well.
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    I like it :thumbup:
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    Nikon or Canon??

    Go to best buy and play around with both see which one feels better to you.
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    Nikon D5100 or Canon Rebel T3i

    I was looking at the same two cameras trying to decide which one to go with, I'm pretty sure I've decided on the D5100 though. I have the D3000 now and I really like the ergonomics of the Nikon over the Canon, to me it just seems easier to reach everything.
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    The Complete Photographer

    I agree, I love reading. This is the first photo book I've read, or it will be once I finish lol. So far it seems very interesting.
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    The Complete Photographer

    I got the book "The Complete Photographer" by Tom Ang for Christmas. Was just wondering if anyone has read it and what their thoughts were on it. I'm just now starting to read it, hoping to learn a thing or two. :)
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    Amature photographer needing some help

    You can find tons of tutorials for gimp just google it. :)
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    What you guys think about this Picture C&C

    I like it, I think it would be good with or without the fence. To me it seems like the light post add enough depth to make it work without the fence.
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    Start of the day with open opportunities...:)

    Agreed the fence is distracting.
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    Looking for C&C, relative beginner!!!

    I really like number 3. I like how the brick is showing.
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    Some photos for C&C

    That flower is beautiful, the center is so different.
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    Finding inner peace! C&C

    I really like the colors in the photo.
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    My Grandpuppy at Christmas

    Very cute, I love yorkies they are so adorable.