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    Canon SX100 IS or should I get something else?

    Sooo I haven't posted here in like, FOREVER, but I want somewhat of a more "objective" opinion . . . I am completely a Canon devotee (own the 30D, 350D, a520, A560, and SD1000). However, I would like very much to sell the latter two and to fund for a point and shoot that is slightly more...
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    Pictures of you guys!

    Yo, Sorry of this has been done, just wanting to "see" who everyone is, if you care to share. Me, the Flea
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    Helmut Newton died

    Yo, :( Me, the Flea
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    Brand new G5 with accessories for sale!

    Yo, I am actually wanting to sell it for $550 (or MAYBE even less, if you have any offers, email me). Half just takes a huge commission, so I ridiculously inflated the price. The shipping will be...
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    What camera does everyone have/use?

    Yo, Yes I know that most of you indicate so in your signatures and profiles, but I was curious anyway! Hope ya'll don't mind answering! :) Me, the Flea
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    TRIPODS - which one?!

    Yo, Okay, I already heard all the banter about what my boyfriend and his mom thinks are the best tripods. Unfortunately I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend. Just a decent (sturdy and not completely made of plastic), fairly inexpensive tripod. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Me...
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    Accesories for beginners!

    Yo, K, just running this by you more seasoned photographers to make sure I am not going overboard (since I tend to do that with every other thing in my life). For my first ever camera (the Canon G5), I will purchase a lens adaptor, UV/haze filter, camera bag (well duh), 256 MB compactflash...
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    Bring out the Gimp!

    Yo, I am newww! I just bought a Canon Powershot G5. My first ever REAL camera, not counting my $20 crapola camera and the millions of disposable ones I've purchased in my lifetime. Oh yeah, and not considering my ever-so-useful camera phone. Why did I spend such a large amount on my...
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    A good beginners photography book

    Yo, First of all, Hi, I am new. I just purchased a Canon Powershot G5 . . . which I guess is kind of "a bit much" for a "first camera" - digital or film. We'll just classify it as one of those impulse buys ;) Anyway, I do intend to get my money's worth, so I was wondering if any of you all...