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    Canon SX100 IS or should I get something else?

    Sooo I haven't posted here in like, FOREVER, but I want somewhat of a more "objective" opinion . . . I am completely a Canon devotee (own the 30D, 350D, a520, A560, and SD1000). However, I would like very much to sell the latter two and to fund for a point and shoot that is slightly more...
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    Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

    There's no a I'm f*cking Seth Rogen too with Traci Lords . . . ahh it is never going to stop! ;)
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    body piercings and tatties

    Yo, Ohhh that wouldn't deter me from getting a Chinese symbol. I think the fact that I am CHINESE would be why I wouldn't get one. I don't know - it just seems weird! Ha ha, yeah don't ask! Me, the Flea
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    body piercings and tatties

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    body piercings and tatties

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    We have 1619 registered users

    Yo, Only when I receive my month check. HMMM??!!! Me, the Flea
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    body piercings and tatties

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    Filter Brands

    Yo, I got a $20 Hoya circular polarizer filter off ebay and it's utter crap! It's made by Hoya in the Philipines. Just beware all! Me, the Flea
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    TPF Mugshots

    Yo, Okay now that I’ve officially gone through all the freaking mugs (cursed my 56K connection :( ). Can I just say - YEOCH! It’s hot in here! I need to visit here more often! Me, the Flea
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    Love, break ups and why I dont cope

    Yo, I've been lurking for awhile, but let me just say that . . . I can COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY relate to you. I just got out of a whirlwind mindf*ck of a long-term relationship and I about to implode (yes I am implode, damnit!) at any given moment. I don't want to publicly delve too much...
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    TPF Mugshots

    Yo, Eeks, can't find the originals, but: Ha ha, I almost NEVER look like that, but shhh, no one has to know! Pictures taken with haste to showcase my new hairdo. Weeee! Me, the Flea
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    Yo, Saw Kill Bill Vol 2 of course! But I also saw "Dogville" The former was okay, but the latter was pretty badass. Me, the Flea
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    Yo, I am 22! But I sure act like I am 12 most of the times! Me, th eFlea
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    You have pets? What was (is) your weirdest pet?

    Yo, Oh geeze, my house is a zoo! We used to have a dog, she's new in the garage, in an urn. Next to her, is her son's urn . . . we kind of took him in after my cousin left the state for college. We've had 2 guinea pigs, 3 rabbits, a crapload of gerbils - all dead and buried in my backyard...
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    Yo, I am TRYING my best to use Mozilla Firebird more and more over Internet Explorer, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Me, the Flea
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    Yo, Geronimo - gawsh, you are too kind :oops: "Appear" is the key word! karissa, you have absolutely NO reason to ever feel self-conscious! But yeah . . . uggh I like being behind the camera, that's for sure. oriecat, ha ha, but GimpyPoop is my trademark name since 98! Can't change it now...
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    I got my 10D!

    Yo, I AM SOOO FRICKING JEALOUS! I've been mad fiending for that camera for a few months now. May you enjoy it thoroughly and think of poor, little me! ;) Me, the Flea
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    Yo, karissa - !!!!!!!! Testing out my new tripod. Ha ha, I am feeling incredibly self-conscious so I'll probably remove these later. Enjoy while you can! Me, the Flea
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    i am china girl. fist come

    Yo, Hello and velcome! I can't read Chinese (even though I took Chinese School for 6 years, ha ha), but my mom can. I'm Chinese too, but Taiwanese if you ask my parents ;) As white-washed as the come though, sadly. Me, the Flea