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    What do think, what would you have done.

    Want to know what you think of the photo as always but more importantly to improve my own skill I want to hear what techniques, settings, etc. you would've used in this situation. I'll warn you the story is more interesting then the photo. I had been waiting for sunset as there is a lake nearby...
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    Mccormicks creek state park.

    New photographer using a point and shoot on a mono-pod. These are from Mccormicks creek state park in Indiana. Mostly a practice outing these are my best. My favorite. I did about 10 shots of this natural 'path' of sedimentary rock leading away from the creek. From the other side. This...
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    Hello from Indiana. Cant really call myself a photographer yet I'm a true beginner. I have a some experience in other forms of visual arts painting, drawing, even some sculpting, and had been thinking of getting into digital photography for some years as the results have always impressed me in...