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    Switching to mirrorless.. Nikon or Sony?

    Hi f18 - you've gotten a lot of good advice already - all I would add is that, if your heart is set on getting a Sony, you should pre-order the newer camera - the A6000 with the 16-50 power zoom. It will cost you less money than a body-only NEX-7 and will give you updated features (e.g., more...
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    What was your First Canon Camera?

    Bought a Canon T2i new in 2010 for stills and video. Sold it in 2011 and switched to the Panasonic GH2 because the Canon was a great still camera, but not very good for video.
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    Bought Nikon 610. How do to get the most out of my camera for video? Manual Lens?

    Hi Hasan - you posted to the right forum. Some of us shoot video almost exclusively. You're right about not being able to adjust aperture in Live View with Nikon cameras. And the video autofocus is not the greatest, either - so manual cine style lenses such as the Rokinon 14mm T3.1, Bower 24mm...
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    Looking to buy an underwater camera

    Hi 11iketra1ns - the Intova 16 is the only camera in your price range that will get down to 40 meters. And it's not a bad still camera either: Flickr Search: Intova 16 You can get one with a red filter, a 16GB card, a carrying case and a "care kit" for £249.95 from Allcam via eBay UK. Even an...
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    Hands On w the GH4! From The Camera Store TV

    A great review of a breakthrough still/video camera - Chris makes too much of the shutter sound issue, though - you can turn it off with the electronic shutter: Hybrid Camera Revolution: Hands On GH4 Review from Chris and Jordan at The Camera Store!
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    Pentax Q - versatile for video as well as stills

    Thanks for sharing, Cryo - the Pentax Q is actually a nice little 1080p interchangeable lens video camera - especially when it is on closeout for less than $200. People are making terrific films with these cameras:
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    Advice required on camera to use for video podcasting

    Hi Justin - Congratulations on finding this classic lens for such a good price. I have the Sigma 18-50mm constant f2.8, and it's a terrific lens - but you should be aware that it was designed for classic 4/3 mount cameras - not micro 4/3. The old 4/3 format was Panasonic/Olympus' first foray...
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    Advice required on camera to use for video podcasting

    Hi Justin - Unfortunately, the LX-7 doesn't have live HDMI out. its tiny sensor won't give you the depth of field control you need to blur your background and it doesn't have wi-fi for tablet/smartphone remote control. There are, however, several options for reasonable priced large sensor...
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    Canon t3i

    In fact, a 64GB card will hold 175 minutes of 50mbps 1080/60p video. My GH3 can record for over 200 minutes without stopping. My old Windows 7 computer and Sony Vegas handle the files just fine. Cheers, Bill
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    Canon t3i

    Hi bdk12 and welcome to the forum! Since you're going to be shooting video (I'm assuming skateboard video from your avatar :)), you might want to look at a more video-friendly camera. People are shooting great skate video with the T3i, and you can get a brand new one with a US warranty from...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4

    I pre-ordered mine from Adorama as soon as the link was active - I will do a review as soon as I get it. Sadly, Panasonic hasn't chosen to loan me one ;)
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    Panasonic GH4 Pre-Orders Open at Adorama & B&H!

    Pre-orders for the new Panasonic DMC-GH4 4K interchangeable lens camera are open at Amazon at $1699.99 and Adorama at $1698. Pre-orders are $1699.99 at B&H. (EDIT: B&H now also at $1698) If Panasonic's 2010 and 2012 challenges with the GH2 and GH3 are anywhere close to predictive of the...
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    Best camera OR Camcorder for Cinematography

    The $1999 XA20 is a great small-sensor camcorder and is significantly less expensive than the $8250 FS700 - but it won't give you the shallow depth-of-field of a Super 35 camcorder or the crystal clear slow motion that the Sony's 240fps frame rate offers. Here is what a skateboard video would...
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    Fuji XT-1

    Thank you. You have really good eyes. I didn't see the difference between the duck wings until you called it to my attention. Now I can't remember what color the wing patch really was. That's the problem with getting old :( The BMW was black black and the Mini was red red. Sadly, I've...
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    Panasonic GH4 Prices and Delivery Dates!

    A Hollywood camera in still camera clothing for $1699.99 :) Details on the blog: Hybrid Camera Revolution: Panasonic Announces Pricing and Availability for GH4 and 4K Interface Unit!
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    DSLR camera under £300

    Hi ade - you can get a factory refurbished Canon 600D with the 18-55mm kit lens and a 90 day warranty for £315 from Photo Direct in Surrey via eBay UK. If you don't mind importing a camera from Hong Kong, you can get a brand new 600D for £299.60 from DWI Digital Cameras via eBay UK. Hope...
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    I don't understand this industry.

    Infinity focus isn't a problem when adapting classic Canon FD lenses to mirrorless - no additional optics required. I absolutely love my Canon FD lens. I can put it on any mirrorless body with a ~$20 adapter (e.g., NEX, MFT, Samsung NX, Fuji X, EF-M or Nikon 1).
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    Fuji XT-1

    Review posted - forgot to put in my whining about the noseprints on the LCD and lack of built-in flash - but I found other stuff to whine about - oh, yeah, there's some fawning over the "retro cool factor" too :) Hybrid Camera Revolution: Fuji X-T1 - A Second Look
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    Konica 40/1.8 on NEX5

    Nice photos - I love my AR 40mm f1.8 too. It was my first non-native lens and a very good value for money lens for mirrorless cameras. My second classic lens was an inexpensive Canon FD 50mm f1.8. Another great lens. I was also going to suggest getting the peaking right, and then checking it...
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    Fuji XT-1

    My rented X-T1 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 lens are in the house (courtesy of LensRentals and Borrowlenses). First, the unimportant stuff - this is a darned pretty camera. I might buy one just to look at it. Quick impressions: What I like about this camera already: - I love the separate dials...