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    CC please

    Be gentle! Now I am not so great with pics of PEOPLE as can be seen by my crappy family pics in my other thread. But I personally think I am doing a bit better with nature shots. I just LOVE this one and wanted to see if I am crazy... Do you like it? What could I have done to make it better...
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    Desperate for help with a photo

    OK I realize I haven't posted here in like a year, its been a crazy year with almost no photography. But I need help bad, help of the editing variety. I have no idea where to ask so I am trying here. I took some photos at the park/river recently and just got around to processing them... I...
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    Angora Fire, Lake Tahoe, June 2007

    Updated July 5th, Photos of the fire ravaged areas are now on the blog. Here is a link to my blog with Angora Fire photos. Please keep in mind that these were taken in a hurry, no tripod and it was the heat of the moment because my house was in the path of the flames. My sensor was dirty from...
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    Fireworks photos?

    Well I am hoping to get my camera back by today. A local photog has it, he's cleaning the sensor which got filthy during the Angora fire last week. But I would love to take fireworks photos tomorrow, can anyone help me? I am cursious what settings might work best, hints and tips? I am still...
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    Help, I have a spot!

    UGGGG! PLease help me. I have 2 spots on my Pentax K100D, its not on the lens but somewhere in the body itself. I have tried cleaning it with the little blower brush thingies, but it won't go away and I can't see it till I look through the viewfinder. Can anyone help?
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    using graphics tablets?

    I hope this s the right place for this I was thinking of getting a graphics tablet to use for photo editing. How does that work? Is it easier than with a mouse? What do you think? Is it worth it? i would use it wil PSPxi and Elements 5.0, can i do that? Tell me all you know! What can I do...
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    These were taken in the junkyard of my late fiancee's dad. Dave is a junk collector, I have a ton more but nothing came out how I wanted it to. I was kinda rushed too. Oh the wine I thought looked cool, but I relaize its very centered. The one that was not centered came out blurry due to a...
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    OK these really didn't come out well, but here they are anyway. I need more practice. 1 2 3 4
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    Lake Tahoe area nature

    OK no lake shots, well maybe 1, they didn't come out. I am still learning here! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Burnt Forest

    I am very new at this! 1. 2. 3.
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    My Kids

    here are a few of my kids, i am a total beginner so don't expect much!!! #1, Drake #2, Zoe #3, Drake
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    PLease Explain Lenses to me?

    I was wondering if someone can explain different lenses and their uses to me please? I have a telephoto lens and my mom (who gave it to me) said its for macro use... but my macro photos were better with a 18-55mm lens. So can someone explain the different types of lenses and how they are...
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    Slave Flash?

    Can someone ell me how slave flash units work? Do I need only specific ones for the K100D? What do I look for? I have an older pentax external hotshow flash, but I think it could have burned out my l;astcamera so I am not using it. I would like something to use that doesn't need to be attached...
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    Buying Filters

    Well since I am such an idiot and accidently sent my defective camera back to B&H with my polarizing filter on it, looks like I will need a new one (unless I get really lucky and they find it) So I want to buy a Polarizing filter and UV filter, but my 3 lenses are 62mm, 52mm, and 50 mm. So...
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    How fast does B&H warranty equipment?

    ok please tell me that once they recieve my defective equipment it sits on a shelp for a few days before going back to pentax... PLEASE!!!! I am such an idiot, I think I returned my defective camera and lens with my polarizing filter still on it!!!!
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    B&H Photo Experience?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever had this kind of crappy experience with B&H Photo? I am so upset. On March 8th I ordered a Pentax K100D from B&H, it arrived on the 14th. I took pictures on the 14th and 15th, then about 2pm on the 15th the flash went out! Naturally it was after the business...
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    Help!!!! Re; Pentax Warranty

    Help please. I am sooo upset. I got my new pentax K100D in the mail 2 days ago on the 14th from Bh Photo. I have taken approx 540 photos with the camera, and maybe 1/2 of those used the flash. Today while taking pics the flash went out! Now auto doesn't work, only manual... and ofcourse my house...
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    Photoshop Elements 5.0 Questions.

    I am now wishing I had bought PSPxi, but I got Elements, oh well. Right now I am wondering how to do 2 things. 1. When you take a photo and remove all the color except from one area. I have seen one with a boy in a firefighter hat and the only thing with color is that hat/ How do you do...
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    k100d, help w/ lenses

    I got my Pentax k100d today, but 2 of the lenses from the pentax slr 35mm don't work, when I put them on the camera nothing registers and it won't let me take a picture. Any idea why?