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    Professionals that use 6x6 regularly?

    Title says it all I guess. Looking to read up/follow some modern day photogs using medium format 120 film cameras. I finally got mine and want to learn by following those who are better than me. Also, looking for any tips or podcasts or similar on the subject.
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    Managing a large archive

    DATE -Selects --Masters ---Ouputs
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    Hello from Tuscaloosa

    Hit me up if you ever find yourself in Huntsville. Me and a buddy shoot a lot around here.
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    Olympus OM-PC help

    I shot my first roll and will be developing tomorrow. I friend has an enlarger he is giving me so maybe I can make some prints too! :D
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    Sunset over Bayou La Crolle

    This shot is actually in Pass Christian, but I was visiting Hattiesburg while down there. I now live in Huntsville (far worse than Hattiesburg), so I need to update my info. That tree you speak of was taken out last week by the tornado that hit the city pretty hard.
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    Sunset over Bayou La Crolle

    Shot a 7 image HDR but really only use the -3 and 0 exp. images to create this. Hue/Sat adjust and a slight curves adjust. Nothing major, but a nice outcome.
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    Olympus OM-PC help

    Thanks. How did you like the 35-70? I'm wondering if I'd like the 50 1.8 Auto S. Going to have to research that one.
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    Olympus OM-PC help

    I was given an Olympus OM-PC 35mm camera by my dad and was hoping I'd be able to use it a bit. It works and it is fully functioning so I see no reason not to use it. It has 2 full manual lenses with it, a sigma 35-70 2.8-4 and a 75-210 4-5.6 I believe. So I have a decently fast walk around...
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    Digital Photo Frames

    Others could email their photos to you for uploading...
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    My misrable life with Nikon and Photography

    It honestly sounds like you just don't know what you are doing. Hate to be blunt...but that's what I think while reading this. While you may have 2500 in equipment, you don't necessarily have the skill and knowledge it takes to make a good photo. I've got more than 4 grand in equipment and...
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    Smokestacks along the Mississippi.

    I'm completely jealous right now. I've been trying to move to Minneapolis for almost 6 years now with zero luck. Nice photo, too.
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    Rocket Power

    I met with a couple buddies to go shoot random long exposure stuff in the middle of nowhere, but that turned into heading for the busiest road in the city.
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    New Orleans, photo spots??

    Great photo ops in the lower 9th ward lol
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    7D "USB Device Not recognized"

    I'm having a hell of a time tapping into my camera. I have had the same camera/computer combo for a few months now with 0 issues. I come home to load photos and get the error "USB Device not recognized." I google the rememedy and it seems I need to reinstall the software via Device...
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    17-40mm f4 L on T2i, is it worth it?

    Not sharp? People will say go for the 10-22 probably, but I use my 17-40 daily on a 7d. Use it a lot for panorama photography. Would be 100x more useful if it was 2.8 though.
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    Osprey up close

    Third one could be an awesome meme photo. haha
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    Help adjusting 17-40L

    On a shorter zoom lens, like the 17-40, is it best to calibrate mid-range?
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    Help adjusting 17-40L

    I've been shooting with my 17-40 for a little bit now and it seems to be backfocusing a bit, or just plain soft. I know it's not the highest end of the L glass...but I expect it to be sharp none the less. Does anyone have a good how-to on adjusting for the lens, or how to verify exactly what it...
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    Beretta PX4 Storm .40 cal

    Simple softbox camera high upper left close to lens. Bare strobe blasting the background. pistold edit small-1299 by ProperStanceImages, on Flickr