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    Help with Canon cameras

    I have been using Canon since the early 1970's. I hate to change, but I've wasted so much money recently. A couple EBay AE-1's turned out to be defective and an F-1 that came from a major seller whose name you would recognize also turned out to be junk, so I sent it back to them and they sent...
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    Edges of Photos out of Focus

    I am using a Beseler 23C II enlarger with dichroic head and a Rodenstok 90mm lens to expose negatives of landscapes shot with an RB67. I most often print the entire negative, little cropping). The middle 2/3 of the negative is clear as a bell, the sides increasingly out of focus. I have...
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    New Arista paper is fogged

    I bought 250 sheets of Arista VC RC paper from Freestyle a few months back. I put it on the shelf where I have all my other papers (no problems there). I started printing with ID-11 1:4 and got really bad fog. Changed to Dektol 1:2 and got the same result. It is rather unpredictable, most of...
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    Print reduction question

    I mixed up some Farmers Reducer and set about working on some overexposed prints. They started to lighten evenly, but toward the end (before I was ready to stop the process) they started exhibiting light streaks and spots. This was with RC paper and I had not pre-wetted the first of them. I...
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    Print reduction question

    I mixed up some Farmers Reducer and set about working on some overexposed prints. They started to lighten evenly, but toward the end (before I was ready to stop the process) they started exhibiting light streaks and spots. This was with RC paper and I had not pre-wetted the first of them. I...
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    Liquid Emulsion Question

    I am playing around with some "Liquid Light" emulsion I got from Freestyle. Anyone have experience using this stuff? I get a surprisingly good image with it, but before I can get it out of the soup the emulsion starts to come apart and I am left with some goo to wash down the drain. I...
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    Help, please, with overexposed areas on film strip

    I shot a roll of Tri-X with an AE-1. About one third of the frames had dark areas covering part of the image. I changed batteries and shot a test roll at various shutter speed and aperture combinations, which turned out fine. A few days later I ran another roll through the same camera...
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    Requesting advice on Canon AE-1 shutter problem

    Recently, negatives taken with my AE-1 are blurred on the left side. I am guessing the shutter curtain is hanging up (it's winter, might temperature affect the shutter operation?). Should I grab another camera and call it a day, or is there an inexpensive fix for this? Before I go to the...
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    When to mix new Diafine?

    I started using diafine about six months ago. Aside from watching for indications that it is no longer working, is there a way to know when to dump it and mix new?
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    Metallic Silver Paper?

    I came across a couple partial packs of Luminos Metallic Silver paper among some other stuff I bought on Craig's List not long ago. Probably at least 20 years old. Now it's all gone. Is this kind of paper still produced anywhere? I have a couple prints that were worth duplicating and had...
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    Low contrast negatives

    I am using Arista EDU 400 film and Arista developer 1:1 and following the developing time recommendation of 12.5 minutes. I am careful with cleanliness, times and temperature; everything the same every time. Nonetheless some rolls come out of the tank with low contrast, lacking acutance...
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    Mamiya 645 Uneven exposure with line dividing negative

    I bought a Mamiya 645-1000S with three lenses, new-in-the-box condition except that the foam on the camera back had reduced itself to goo and I replaced it. I shot a couple test rolls with the 80mm lens to get accustomed to it. Yesterday after a photo session I developed three rolls I found...
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    Help with Mamiya 645 metered prism finder

    I recently bought a Mamiya 645-1000S with a metered prism finder. I cannot find any user's manual that addresses this particular model of finder, and cannot even identify it for sure; apparently there were a number of versions manufactured: PD, CdS, AE, AE-S, etc. I've looked through all the...
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    curly film

    Every now and again I get a roll of 35mm film that curls up like a spring when I take it out of the cassette. This morning I processed a roll that was only half exposed so one half curled one way, the other half the other way. I had to hang it with a weight on the end and let it straighten it...
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    Print Reduction

    Every once in a while (right) I overexpose a print, so I've been throwing them into a box intending some day to reduce them, which I've never done before. Well, it's raining today so I got out my Lootens book and mixed up some Farmers Reducer according to his formula (Solution A: 16 oz water...
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    Requesting help with Beseler 67S series enlarger

    I'm just a poor dumb country boy who has been playing around in a darkroom off and on for fifty years. Never had any formal photography training, learned everything by trial and error and a few trips to the library back in the days before internet. Recently I have been able to afford...
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    My exposures are way off from what one would expect

    Here's another dumb question. I hate to sound like a noob - I've run thousands of rolls of film through various cameras in the past fifty years - but I have a problem I cannot noodle through without some help. I have long wanted some nice equipment I never could afford before, and recently I...
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    Mamiya C22 Questions

    I was looking for a TLR and found three Mamiyas, all in excellent to mint condition for a very good price. I figured I could keep one and sell the others to recover most if not all of my investment. One was a C22, which I later discovered accepts only 220 film. Uh oh. So here's the...
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    Adjusting contrast on graded papers?

    Is it possible to reduce or increase contrast on graded paper? If I have only #3 paper available and want to print a negative softer, is there a way to do that (aside from possibly using a texture screen or diffuser)? Also the opposite; is there a way to print a harder image using, say, #2 paper?
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    Mamiya repair parts?

    Because I cannot pass up a good deal I bought a Mamiya C-220 TLR on Ebay. Anyone know where I could come up with an exposure counter without buying an entire parts camera? (It's a geared wheel and without it the film advance mechanism won't work). By the by, I've finally learned the hard...