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    25 1-imm023_24 by pete40027, on Flickr
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    ^^^^ Thanks both. This is going to be an interesting project, and it's amazing what you see when you're really looking.
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    Test shot Pentax Z-20

    28-80 Pentax power zoom lens, no name film (DIN 24), TTL pop up flash used 1-imm032_33 by pete40027, on Flickr
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    New Year's Day Walk

    Took these of New Year's Day walkers whilst out for a New Year's Day walk 1-imm008_9 by pete40027, on Flickr 1-imm006_7 by pete40027, on Flickr
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    Freezing over: ice forming near the boatshed 1-imm024_25 by pete40027, on Flickr
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    An Analog Guy in a Digital World...What's YOUR Plan, Dude?

    It's not really a plan, but I'd like to shoot a little more slide film this year. I normally only shoot one or two rolls of positive a year, so perhaps I'll try and up this to ten rolls or so. Oh, and I want to make more use of my tri- and monopods.
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    How about a Thank You to the moderators!

    I don't take things personally: the mods are OK with me. Also, I don't like goodbyes ;)
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    Frozen Bubbles

    We're having unusually mild weather in our neck of the woods at the moment, but as soon as a cold spell comes I know what my daughter and I will be doing :)
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    Since the gun ban has been lifted...

    I have sent you a PM with my thoughts on this.
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    Since the gun ban has been lifted...

    The problem with this so called policy is that it is only held up as a stick to beat down those who find this kind of image offensive.
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    Change to forum Firearms policy

    So according to the site owners NSFW photos don't belong to a family friendly environment but images of guns do. Again, interesting.
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    Lens flares

    I think the lens flare in this photo is a positive aspect of the image.
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    Change to forum Firearms policy

    So what it basically boils down to then is this: In the TPF open galleries you have the right to bear arms but aren't allowed to bare your breasts. Interesting.
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    Two more shots of swans (and other waterfowl), and a shot of a wier which has been flipped on its head (you can see it the right way up on my flickr page) 1-imm022_24 by pete40027, on Flickr 1-imm021_23 by pete40027, on Flickr 1-imm031_33-001 by pete40027, on Flickr
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    Change to forum Firearms policy

    NSFW/Nudes are in a private area. The site should put a similar restriction on guns.
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    Thanks Leonore. As I explore this theme some shots will be better than others! I agree with your assessment of the two swan shots here, though I am also unable to quite put my finger on why the one came out better than the other (both metered with my Sixtar and shot within a short timeframe)...
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    I want to work on a particular subject and have chosen water as the theme. This will be an ongoing project for this year and I will post the photos in this thread. Feedback, crit and suggestions gratefully received :) The camera, lens and film info will be listed on my flickr page for each of...
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    The man who fell to earth.

    Is he homeless? His shoes look in good shape; you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes is what my gran always said.
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    Lewis War Memorial

    Very moody sky, which suits the subject well. The gorse sets the whole thing off nicely.
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    Shrouded by Light

    Lovely. To me, it looks like Elite Chrome slightly underexposed to boost saturation and warmth.