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    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I like it so much Its subjective I know but I like most framed images But thanks for stopping by and commenting and that goes for guppyman and shahanaPinky
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    Can anyone identify this?

    It looks very suspiciously like a young lady bird (bug) larve
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    brain seize of course it is a grass hopper
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    Black tailed skimmer dragonfly

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    hover fly diving in

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    Aphid exuviae

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    Common blue resting

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    Small skipper

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    Common blue

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    O teu pai é careca ?

    love dandilion heads Little niggle I think the focusing should have been more on the center or the outer rather than between
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    closer would have been better Its more about the flowers than the insects
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    World of Ants,bugs,bees

    No3 for me Looks like he is ready for a dive I would have cropped to bring him closer
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    Macro of a Rose

    Artistic rendering nice Ive tried the reverse lens route and its not that easy keep up the good work
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    hover fly having a good suck

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    Hover fly landing

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    drone flies

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    fly agric and a flower

    Ah the polish name for the red spotted mushroom Also known as Agaric au mouches (French), agaric mouchete (French), ah kib lu'um (Lacandon Mayan, "the light of the earth"), aka-haetori (Japanese, "red flycatcher"), amanite tue-mouches, amoroto (Basque, "the toad like thing"), ampakhaw (igorot)...